The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 14

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Welcome. You have stumbled upon a new adventure. One that will challenge you to grow; one that is filled with twists and turns; one that will have your piece swinging like the rhythm of a jazz ensemble that keeps readers and listeners engaged to the very end (or we crash into a wall and die; either way, we'll learn something together).

Over in China, the revered Shanghai Conservatory of Music can’t even believe the principles of jazz are real! That with enough courage and trust in yourself, you can hear a piece of music once, and ring dazzling changes on it forever and ever. They can’t duplicate our jazz. But everything else we make doesn’t worry them a bit.
....The road to wealth comes from understanding yourself. Doing what you do best, not what other people do best.
--John Taylor Gatto

Round 14

The Prizes

SP Semi-Permanent DelegationBUILD @build-itSP Delegation for one Week
1st Place13225300
2nd Place8150
3rd Place475

steem-engine: token sponsors

We have a new sponsor this week and the weeks hereafter; @build-it will be sponsoring this contest with 450 BUILD tokens to be slit amongst you, our contestants who keep the show running. How cool is that!

Build-it seeks to "reward those who put in lots of effort into their DIY and How-to articles." Please, feel free to peruse their introductory post to learn more about what they do.

Use their tags on your DIY and How-to-articles and be sure to stop by a curate when your time permits. #diy | #how-to| #do-it-yourself | #build | #build-it

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SP Semi-Permanent Delegation Explained - Because of the ongoing attacks by a certain (bleep), I'll be delegating sp as part of the prize. Later on, when I can do it in one large purchase, you will be getting SBI shares equal to your sp delegation and I will take back the delegation. Or, maybe SP delegation works better. We'll see as time progress.

Contest Rules

1. One Entry Per Person.

2. Inspired by the prompt and follows the random number order exactly with the correct amount of words in each sentence (explained below).

3. Prose or poetry; any form and genre of fiction is accepted.

4. It must be a story. Refer here for an explanation of what a story must contain in order for it to be considered a story.

5. Use the tag #31sentencecontest (this is how I keep track of your entries)

6. Contest closes at the end of this post's payout. Tuesday is the day this comes out.

7. In your entry, link back to this contest somewhere in your post.

8. Post a link to your tale in the comments below.

9. English is the only language I speak and that limits me big time. I really want people from all over the world to join so it is your responsibility to find and work with a translator/editor to create the very best English version within the contest restrictions that you can. Feel free to post in your own language below the English version, but I am looking for quality, English versions.

The Prompt (explained)

The PROMPT: this is what your story is tied to in some way and in some fashion of your choosing within the fiction realm. You don't have to use the wording of the prompt in the story but your story must somehow relate to the prompt. Easy enough - we hope.

The Sentences: # 1-31(explained)

This idea comes from John Taylor Gatto. In this interview - PDF, he speaks about the inner jazz of writing coming to life simply by applying this method. I've been curious to see this in action. So ...

The SENTENCES: This objective here will have you writing out exactly 31 sentences, found below the prompt in a randomized order. The number of words for each and every sentence corresponds with the sentence number you are on.

For example, if 1 is the number that is up, you may only use one word that will complete the sentence (I know - technically, one word isn't a sentence but deal with it 8-). If 31 is the number, you construct a sentence that is 31 words in length, no more no less. The same goes for all numbers. (Here you'll find excellent examples from the last round - to be updated - should you need to see a fuller example.)

Except for number 1, all sentences must be a complete sentence. You may construct your paragraphs however you see fit.

I, @tristancarax, am the judge. This contest will mostly be judged by how I feel about your piece and my interest in your piece because my editing skills are so far below par that earthworms stand above me. As I improve, so will the judging. Additionally, comments on contestant's posts will be taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

And there you have it. I'm excited to see what your minds create and imagine through this exercise.

The Prompt:


Sentence order:

13, 8, 14, 5, 24, 18, 26, 30, 12, 16, 6, 27, 4, 22, 10, 9, 1, 29, 23, 19, 7, 11, 2, 3, 15, 31, 25, 21, 17, 20, 28

Previous Contestants

@agmoore, @blueeyes8960, @carolkean, @chireerocks, @cloudblade, @deirdyweirdy, @free-reign, @gwilberiol, @justclickindiva, @letalis-laetitia, @marblely, @odeis, @oivas, @owasco, @wakeupkitty

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Very interesting prompt this week!

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The link for this post has 13 rather than 14 for this weeks round:

No biggie, other than it destroys last weeks' link, but no one should need that link for anything at this point anyway, unless you wanted to keep them all in order @tristancarax.

link to this post:

I accidentally typed in the wrong number and the main link doesn't change when I changed it. I didn't know that it destroys last weeks' link.

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Yeah, actually looking at the link, the alphanumeric part, "2q5g16" is likely different for the two posts, so if that's the case then the original link for week 13 should still be unique and continuing to exist.

First blood coming soon... :)

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I'm having trouble posting to #31sentencecontest with the new front end which was beta.steemit. It won't let me post with the hashtag # and it keeps saying must start with a letter, and won't activate the post button.

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Should we change it to "thirtyonesentencecontest"?

I'm going to post with the "thirtyonesentencecontest" tag for now, since I can't seem to be able to post to the original tag.

Okay. We'll do this switch for the tag.

Are you going to make that permanent, or wait to see if they fix it so we can use the original with the hashtag again?

I've removed from having to tag from the contest rules. People leave links here so it shouldn't be a big issue. I don't want to have a very long tag for people to type in.

Here is my entry for week 14, using thirtyonesentencecontest for the tag:

First Blood!

Hereby my entry. The tag 31sentencecontest can not be used. It gives an error. I'll try to edit later with @partiko. 💕

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