Bitcoin parabolic run ??

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A lot of people were extra hype about the halving saying that it would be an event which will trigger BTC to get to a new All time high (ATH)

Post halving... A lot of retail investors started to think it was just a hype and nothing amazing happen.

If you look back at previous highs, you would see that the first halving took about 1 year before a new all time high.

The second halving it took about 1.5 years for it to reach the 19k mark.

So for this halving it may take close to 2 years for a new all time high. However due to economic turmoil and also the USD being printed like a photocopier on steroids brrrrrrrr... There could be a possibility of BTC rising up much faster then anticipated.

How high would it go?

That's the big question and there are soo many speculations at this point. But in summary.. Here are 3 possible outlooks based on averages from previous halving

  • 200k highly unlikely
  • 98k very possible with all the FOMO and retailers starting to gain confidence
  • 46k this looks more possible but a very Conservative number.

What should I do ??

  • accumulation of btc and don't sell just hold in a hardware wallet and lock it up(Conservative)
  • trade it buy low sell high vs stable coins (moderate approach)
  • for the high risk takers, you could go into futures as you may earn big or just loose everything you have in minutes.

These are all none financial advise. I do suggest that you weight your choices carefully and research which is most suitable risk for you.


In any form of investment, we need to take time to understand and patience is key. If we rush and let emotions run, we stand a chance to loose big. And don't give your crypto to anyone who promises you a guaranteed % income everyday.

If it's too good to be true then better trust and question your gut feeling and research it till you are extremely satisfied before giving away your precious btc. Remember there is only 21 million btc and that's all it would ever be.

Cheers all and have a great day.

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