Bitcoin - 8/18/19 - More profits!

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Sorry I didn't update yesterday, but the weekends can be iffy with work and all. I've noted a few times that sometimes I hold on to my position to tight and don't take profits. The whole point of this trading blog/journal is to analyze my thoughts. Getting away from bad decisions and making better ones. So I can hopefully make money, ditch the job and trade full time!(I'm far away from that, it will take a ton of good trades just to make my position size where I want it! This is my goal and I will not let go of my dream!) Anyways here is my chart from the other day and how I played it, with only a 1.6% profit I hate to count it as a win, but walking away with money is always nice! I could have done better, but like I said weekends can be busy. Best to take profits and walk away!

I' can't help but to be bearish atm. We need one more good move down for things to make sense. What do you think? would love to hear your comments! This is not financial advice! This is more of my trading journal than anything! Good luck and Good day!

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time to enjoy the profits

Thanks for your comments and encouragement! I really appreciate it! But naaa, win or lose I’m always thinking of my next trade!😂😂

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Profit is profit, regardless of how small :D

I also think that the current outlook is rather bearish, but no clue for how long. It could be for a couple of days or for the coming months.

If we get a decent drop here soon I’ll be a lot more bearish! My money’s on it too! Seems bullish this morning, but really just went into the “sell zone”.

Yea I need more wins! Yea 1.6% isn’t that great, but over time it will really add up!

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Looking at the charts this morning made me reconsider my statement from yesterday. As always it is difficult to say, but I still think that this is a rather short rise.

It isn't easy, I'm glad I'm in a short now though. Almost called it to a tee, wish my sell zone was slightly higher.