What Country Is Most Involved With Running Bitcoin?

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It's interesting when you actually dig into some data and see if your assumptions are right.

We all know that U.S. residents are all up on the crypto scene and that there are European players as well, but what country and region has the biggest hand in running bitcoin nodes, thus keeping the blockchain chugging along.

9,186 Bitcoin Nodes Currently Running

Of those, the U.S. does have the most with 2,286 running at the time of this writing.

Percentage wise it equals:

  • 24.89% - United States
  • 20.71% - Germany
  • 6.55% - France
  • 5.35% - Netherlands
After that there are no other countries above 5%. China is the next closest at 3.80%.

Is U.S. really the leader?

Granted by country the U.S. is running the most bitcoin nodes, but Germany, which is a fraction of the size isn't far behind and when you add in France and Netherlands you now have about 1/3 of all nodes being run out of a region centered in Europe.

And those three countries combined are smaller than the U.S. still.

I did find Germany's data interesting being that their gov't has been just as unfriendly to crypto as the U.S. has, atleast from my perspective.

You can check live stats on bitcoin nodes at https://bitnodes.earn.com/


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Interesting. It is surprisingly that China is in the bottom of the other countries mentioned. What is it like in number of nodes as a percentage of population?

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China stats probably look way worse using that ratio I'd guess. Research for another posts ;-)