The DigiPiglet Journey - Creating a Physical Bitcoin Trust-Chain for Venezuela!

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Last Sunday, I met with the creator of DigiPiglets in my home town of Leuven to start an interesting little project. We thought it would be a great idea to send a create a physical Bitcoin trust chain with this DigiPiglet, each person who receives is adds a bit of Bitcoin to it and then sends it on to another person via regular mail. At the end of the chain, after 100 hops, the Bitcoins on the DigiPiglet are then donated to a Venezuelan charity.

I am still looking for a person who would like to receive the DigiPiglet, to then send it on to someone else. Keep in mind that you should add at least €5.00 worth of Bitcoin to the DigiPiglet, using the QR code on the bottom, before you send it on. The DigiPiglet weighs 48 grams, so postage shouldn't cost that much. At the end of the trust chain, we should have raised around €500 to donate to a Venezuelan charity!


How It Works

  1. Like a collection basket, the DigiPiglet gets handed from person to person (100 people in total), each putting in at least 5€ ($5,50) in Bitcoin on the DigiPiglet Public Bitcoin Address.
  2. The person holding the piglet decides who the next trustworthy recipient is and posts on social media who they're sending it to. You can post on any public social media page: Twitter, Steem, BitcoinTalk, etc.
  3. The 99th recipient sends it back to the founder of DigiPiglets
  4. The founder then unloads the balance and sends the Bitcoins to a Venezuelan Charity Organization (sending the DigiPiglet physically would be too risky).
  5. If the Kickstarter campaign for DigiPiglets gets funded, each participant receives a free DigiPiglet.


Additional Incentive

As mentioned in my introduction, I am still looking for someone to whom I can send the DigiPiglet. I'm looking for someone trustworthy, who is able to find someone to pass the DigiPiglet onto after they've received it and added a Bitcoin donation. Both people who are active here on Steem or on Bitcointalk may send me a message.

Once you've sent the DigiPiglet to someone else, I will give you an additional personal Bitcoin donation of 0.002 BTC! You can either PM me via my Bitcointalk profile or via Discord (Daan#4869). Do leave a reply under this post if you might be interested!



DigiPiglets Website
The DigiPiglet Journey
The DigiPiglet Journey on Bitcointalk
DigiPiglets Kickstarter Campaign

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That is pretty cool! It seems like a fun way to help out a charity and be involved in something like that. Before I volunteer to be the first person I'd like to see that there are enough people interested that we can have a decent chain going. Overseas shipping is probably going to cost more than the actual donation! :)

Shipping isn't actually that much, since it's pretty light. Just a couple of euros at my end, I've already looked it up :)

I hope there is a bit more interest yeah, but I'd be happy to pass it onto you, since you're probably one of the most trustworthy people here.

Like I said, if we can get some people on board I would be more than happy to! I just don't want to be stuck searching for someone to send it to!!! I just made a pledge to the kickstarter though.

I just had someone message me on Bitcointalk as well, so that are 2 possible recipients already (including you) :)

Might be good if you could also reply to this thread on Bitcointalk:

There are currently 3 people interested already, if you end up getting it, then you can send it on without any problem to any of these 3 people :)

MinerJones is a very trustworthy person on Bitcointalk.

Well done guys! Same username on bitcointalk here! Good causes for me seldom need much more than being to get my support;)

I would be definitely happy to be part of the trust chain. I have no problem with being able to add BTC to it... the only problem is that I don't know off the top of my head who I would be passing it on to... my crypto life is very very seperate from my real time life!... Let me think...

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I'm actually already keeping a list on Bitcointalk with people ready to participate. I've suggested there that we can start by sending the DigiPiglet to that people on that list first.

Even if you don't have a Bitcointalk account, I'd be happy to be the liaison :)
I'll put you on it as well, you can still decide whether you want to participate or not, it's not binding or anything ;) Quite a few people from Europe on there as well, so shipping costs would not be much.

Thanks, I will check in tomorrow into the thread... My account there is pretty much never used...

That will be great. I love the concept backing it up

Great idea @daan just don't send it to South Africa our postal system does not work, it could be stolen or import/export taxes will be added onto the delivery on our side of the world.

Piggy bank idea is great though when someone in Venezuela is able to connect with other steem users to ensure distribution.

Thanks for the heads up! Yeah I don't want it to get stolen by a mail carrier, I think I'll stick to sending it somewhere in the US or Europe. Perhaps some Asian countries might work too :)

~Smartsteem Curation Team

interesting fun idea !

its such a cool idea, but I am not able to get on any exchanges at the moment so the only crypto I have is Steem at the moment so I cannot be part of the chain but I do hope you can find enough to make it happen

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