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I am in the middle of planning for a cruise that I am going to take this Monday. In the middle of my planning, I get the news that Steemit has been sold, the price of Steem and Bitcoin continue to rise and no one really knows what is going on with Steem. What about the Tribes on Steem Engine? Are they doomed before they could really take off?

First things first as it relates to my everyday world. I read that my temperature is going to be taken before I get on the ship and it cannot exceed 100.4 degrees F or I will not be allowed to board the ship. I also can't show any signs of flu like symptoms or have any difficulty breathing.

Now these safety precautions should make me feel better as it relates to the cruise line trying to be pro-active regarding spreading the coronavirus to other unsuspecting passengers. But what about people who have an occasion dry cough due to exercise induced asthma? I fall into that category. I can just see it now. I am rushing and walking through the long lines leading up to the ship and I happen to cough. Does everyone turn and look at me like I've got the bubonic plague?

WIN_20200214_14_47_39_Pro 2.jpg

I saw a commercial on television for a product that suppresses dry coughs due to bronchial irritation or asthma. I asked a pharmacist at Walmart when I was buying a digital thermometer about the product. I explained that I didn't want to alarm anyone with my non-infectious coughing. The pharmacist then proceeded to tell me not to go on the cruise if I was sick. It would just be bad for everyone. She was pleading with me.

I told her that I was not sick. I wanted to avoid the perception that I might be sick by people who are already nervous about the coronavirus. Jeez! What in the world are people afraid of from a simple occasional dry cough?

After I bought the medicine that I intend to take an hour before I board the ship, I checked my text messages, my Coinbase wallet and my newsfeed on Steempeak. Dang!!! What in the world is happening?

So, Steemit has been sold. We're in an alliance with Tron, and no one knows what this means for our future. Speculation is everywhere as old timers and new comers voice their opinions without all of the information.

I honestly cannot wrap my head around what this alliance will mean for people like me who have invested in Steem as well as the tribe tokens. Some people feel that the tribes are dead now and that those tokens should be dumped. Other people feel that it is time to power down Steem if you want to swap some Steem for Tron tokens. Others feel like we just got screwed big time.

I am going to reserve judgement for a few days. We really don't know what the plan will be or what our next move should be. Sometimes the best move is not to panic sell. Take a chill pill and see where the current is taking us.

Who knows? It might turn out to be a good thing.

Enjoy your day.


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Regarding the Tron/Steemit "wedding" - we'll have to wait and see.

Regarding the coughing: I'm having it, too, and I take a simple antihistamine, Cetirizine (=Zyrtec). That really helps :)

Thank you for that tip. I really wanted something in a pill as opposed to a liquid. I'm going to try it. 😊