SBI Giveaway #5! 30 SBI Worth of Prizes!

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SBI Giveaway #5!

Welcome! This will be the 5th installment of my weekly SBI giveaway! The rules for being entered in this week's giveaway have changed a little bit. So, be sure to read them or else you will not be entered in the drawing! Many people have failed to follow all the steps in the previous weeks and I am now verifying every entry so it is fair to those who do follow the rules.

How to Enter

  1. Follow @treepi & my good friend @naccino to welcome her to Steem.
  2. Resteem and upvote this post.
  3. Leave a comment here when you have done that so I can verify the rules were followed.

Thats it! Winners will be chosen randomly at post payout! I will make a video while picking the winners as I did with the last 4 giveaways.


I have increased the 2nd prize from 5 SBI to 10 SBI!

1st prize - 20 SBI
2nd prize - 10 SBI

Good luck to all who enter!

Congrats to @golddeck and @bitandi who won my last giveaway! Hope to see both of ya'll here again!

Also, if you have time, check through some of my affiliate offers below! They are all services I use myself and if any of them pique your interest, give them a try! It will help support me and these giveaways a tiny bit! :)

And finally, thank you to previous participants. I will tag you all in case you want to enter again!
@qwerrie @sunravelme @golddeck @bitandi @monsterbuster @gramesh @yorra @kelpy @parth7878 @issymarie @barmbo @investinthefutur @kirstin @wanderingmoon @dragonblades @threejay @travoved @blog-beginner @gamemods @eli @richatvns @lesmann @contrabourdon @eng.ramy @yorra @dromihete


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All done

@untersatz curate 2
Looking forward to watching the video 😅

Haha I'll try to make a good one. I need to get better at being interesting. :P

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You seem to have the start of a good thing going here my friend.
Blessing to all of your efforts!

Thanks! Figure it's something I can do to try and get people active and the SBI is a nice little recurring prize too.

You are doing great as far as I am concerned and let's hope that there will be many takers!

Follow, upvote and resteemed

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Thank you! Welcome back!

Please confirm.

All done

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Followed all the rules. Your friend needs a profile pic even if it's just an avatar.

She's getting to it haha. She's a busy woman. 😛

Done! Done! Done! Done! :o)


This just seems like you're buying followers. Is that the case? Or am I missing something?

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Kind of. But then so is everyone else who does contests and giveaways.

Haha true I didn't think of them like that because the content of them has more of a contest vibe. This isn't really a contest, it's akin to an airdrop I guess. Can't say I approve but each to their own. Thanks for the honesty.

Eh, I'd call it a contest. There's a set of rules and whoever completes them is entered into the drawing. Or more of a raffle I suppose. I do contests as well though. 😁

All done!!!!

Good luck to all!!
Done here.

All done

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