Lost key to join clicktrackprofit

in clicktrackprofit •  3 months ago 

Hello everyone how are you doing fine, at the time of in i want to share a story about me joining ctptalk blockchain


I am very happy to be able to join there, but I have lost my login password so that I can no longer get in there, and hope I want to rejoin my other email ,, so I can be there ..


I completely forgot not to remember the password that I gave when I registered it, even though I used to be able to buy and sell all kinds of clothes there, and could make my own logo there, but right now I can't do it anymore, , because I lost the password entered there ...


Maybe this is all that I can convey in my post this time hopefully it can be entertained and useful thanks
BY: @tailah.bayu

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What do you mean, sir?

Was tagging someone that might be able to help you.

Uuuumm thanks you sir.. ☺️

If you go to the CTP login page there is a "forgot password" link.


Okey thanks you my friend 😊