Now runs well on block hive blockchain

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Hello everyone, how are you doing today, are you okay, and hopefully we are all still given health and goodness by God ..

Now the #ctptalk trip has gone smoothly on the #Hive Blockchain basket and also 90% of people like #CTP I really like ctp, is a blockchain based website and can also make money by publishing articles that will be of benefit to everyone and of course interesting stories.

Ctp also has a token on HIVE-ENGINE
the token can also be traded right, like we are trending buying and selling there ...


One more month the Hive platform has been launched and now the hive journey is getting better and we hope ** https: //** will be much better and can bring a bright future for us blockchain lovers ..


Maybe this is all I can say for my post this time hopefully it can be useful and can also be entertained

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Hello @tailah.bayu
CTP Talk is an excellent [platform to talk about business development and affilaite/Emaill marketing
There are some very knowledgeable people making some great posts

Yes, I think ctp is the best for all of us, I like ctp, and my hope is, before Lebaran I want to shop in ctp

Terima kasih sudah sudah membagikan informasi tentang token baru di ctp di

Hehehe.. Terimakasih pak @dsatria telah berkunjung, saya senang bisa melihat anda di sini..