Here Is How COD-M Battle Royale Could Be Better!

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Call of Duty - Mobile was launched on October 1 and since then it has become a huge hit. It features a tons of content for being a free to play mobile game — various multiplayer match types, plethora of weapons, customization options and of course the battle royale.

I wasn't into battle royale at all, even though PUB-G was everywhere around me. Even after installing COD-M, I was away from Battle royale until I saw some tasks regarding it and decided to give it a try.

Soon enough, I found it more fun than MP matches, and I was playing it more than any other match type.

However, there are some things that I found lacking:

1) Puncturing Tyres:

You can't puncture the tyres! In this regard, I expected better from COD dev team.

Imagine if you could do so, you snipe the opponents vehicle and his vehicle goes flipping around, won't that be exciting?

2) Namesake vehicles:

Tanks, tractors, Trucks are there for namesake. You can't use them, shoot them, blast them, they block bullets though.

Going around in tank, blasting everything, that would be too good.

3) Basic helicopters:

Even though, you might be picking up a helicopter from the military base, it's just a passanger helicopter.

Flying around a helicopter with automatic gun or missiles would be blast to play. Although, I do understand, this will give upper hand to whoever gets to it first, but that's what will it make more fun, and players will have some reason to equip rocket launchers ;)

4) Using 'hook' skill to jump to the helicopters:

Yeah, that's Just Cause thing, the most fun game I have ever played!

5) And of course, more maps please.

Sure, this is a mobile platform game and it might not be easy to implement them. But, these things will make it more fun.

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