Community Highlight: @CliveMartin

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Community Highlight: @CliveMartin

D.Buzz is more than just a Dapp; it's a community. It is a community of people with a passion for Crypto, a passion for censorship-resistant content, and a passion for spreading their message.

We see you, and we love you all.

As a way to give back and express our thanks, we will highlight someone from our community in a post across social media each week. They will be listed as a 50% beneficiary in this post as a way to say thanks!

Today, We would like to highlight @CliveMartin !

This saxophone playing, artist, multi-talented and faceted individual has been rocking the block since Dec 31, 2017!

It took a while to scroll back to check out his introduction post ( here: ) As it was in 2017, it is genuine today, the only thing that stops you from living your dreams is yourself.

Our man @CliveMartin has a good posting schedule, and he also does a solid job at re-blogging a lot of worthy content. Some of his re-posts are that of newbies to the blockchain and their introduction posts.

He has a history of creative posts, music, sharing, helping, and more. These actions and his dedication to helping his fellow blockchain mates, we felt its time to send a cheer over towards @CliveMartin.

@CliveMartin Thank you for being you! Keep on keeping on and live the dream.

If you don't know @CliveMartin, stop by and say hi to him, follow his posts, and share it.

Much love,
Your Friends over at D.BUZZ

Do you have someone you feel we should highlight?

  • Post their name below and the reason why, and we may just highlight them. :D

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D.Buzz over and out.

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Wow really touched by that @dbuzz and thank you for the recognition. It's an absolute pleasure to contribute and share anything that is positive to put a smile on someone's face and help them to grow. So many talented people in the community and I've met some lovely genuine people and definatly got a few holiday destinations in mind. There are so many developments that i'm reading about and excited to see and I will definatly continue giving the best that I can. I encourage anyone to be the best you, that you can be don't lose sight of those things that you truly desire because that is when you start to give the best to others around you. Thank you so much again @dbuzz and continue moving forward because you guys are doing amazing work and are developing continually for the benefit of everyone here. I'm looking forward to seeing future stars been featured here, this party is just getting started. Live Your Dream ! :)

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