Quarantine Diaries: Day 260

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Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

80 nursing home patients in West Virginia facility, nearly every resident, test positive for Covid-19

Thanksgiving Travel Not Slowing

Governments boost coronavirus enforcement with required forms for flyers, 'compliance units' for Thanksgiving

Study: A good cloth mask is a powerful weapon against the coronavirus

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

United Kingdom’s Chancellor of the Exchequer warns 'economic emergency has only just begun'

How to Answer Your Family’s Bitcoin Questions This Thanksgiving

For those that don’t believe the impossible can come true - the impossible has become true. #Bitcoin is the 6th largest currency in the world. Thank you to all community members that got us here pic.twitter.com/Yz5H1rLxHP

— Simon Dixon (Beware Impersonators) (@SimonDixonTwitt) November 24, 2020

The labor market mess awaiting Joe Biden: Many of the solutions he's offering — massive infrastructure, clean energy and technology investments — will need the approval of a largely hostile Congress.


Relax, nobody’s canceling Thanksgiving

Fox paid seven figures to settle lawsuit over bogus Seth Rich conspiracy story

Indiana Asks the Supreme Court to Let It Strip Rights From Same-Sex Parents: The justices have shown interest in a case that could begin the rollback of marriage equality.

watch to the end—very clever https://t.co/SXt9SBsYXo

— George Conway (@gtconway3d) November 24, 2020

Jewish leaders defend Raphael Warnock after Loeffler attacks

Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20

The Trump administration is rushing to approve dozens of eleventh-hour policy changes. Among them: The Justice Department is fast-tracking a rule that could reintroduce firing squads and electrocutions to federal executions.

Trump Corruptly Pardons Michael Flynn

Trump Pardoned Flynn to Save Himself: The president’s act of clemency was less about mercy than self-interest.

Donald Trump Might Want to Think Twice Before Trying to Pardon Himself


The tiny parasitic wasp that saved an industry


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