Quarantine Diaries: Day 261

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Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

I want a job writing headlines like this: 'Zombie minks' in Denmark that were killed to stop spread of coronavirus appear to rise from their graves

Mayo Clinic Puts Hospital Beds In Ambulance Garage, Lobbies As COVID-19 Surges

As the crush of new COVID-19 hospitalizations stretches hospitals around the state to their limits, the Mayo Clinic Health System is taking unprecedented steps to expand capacity at its northwestern Wisconsin locations. Those include moving beds into waiting rooms, surgical spaces and even a parking garage.

Sudan's last democratically elected prime minister dies of Covid-19

Health Canada could approve first Covid-19 vaccine in December

In Covid-19 regulations case, Sotomayor dissent claps back at Supreme Court majority

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Propane Supplies Fly Off Store Shelves As COVID Drives Outdoor Dining

Picture of US economy is worrisome as virus inflicts damage

’Everyone should put 2% or 3% of their net worth in Bitcoin’: Mike Novogratz


President Trump invited Pa. lawmakers to the White House. Then everyone went silent.

They're baaack: Trump and allies still refuse election loss

Speaking to news crews gathered to watch the traditional holiday conversation with the military, Trump denounced officials in battleground states he'd lost as “communists” and “enemies of the state.”

Over 30 Trump Campaign Lawsuits Have Failed. Some Rulings Are Scathing.

History will record the shameful irony that a president who lied to avoid military service staged a bogus event on the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg in a brazen attempt to undermine the Republic for which scores of real patriots had fought & died to preserve since its founding.

— Gov. Tom Ridge (@GovRidge) November 25, 2020

What hunting Bigfoot taught a Republican congressman about politics

Biden to face test over access to sensitive information as he inherits Trump's secret server

Why Trump's Flynn pardon could backfire

Minnesota Tells Pipeline Company Not To Run “Counterinsurgency” Against Protestors


How a Spider-Man musical became a theatrical disaster


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