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I'll buy if you are selling


Many of you know that I am involved in the Creative Coin project and I am also pretty heavily invested in it as well. I have a few different accounts as well as my main account to reward the awesome creative posts that are using the #creativecoin tag.

Screen Shot 20191206 at 11.36.18 AM.png

I just put in another order to buy 90k more CCC to increase my curation efforts and support the community. Once the buy order completes, it should put my total staked CCC to over 400k between my different accounts.

Why am I buying and staking so much CCC?


Some of my favorite posts to read here on the platform are those in the creative arts fields, i.e. photography, drawing, painting, travel, or creative writing. So I want to be able to reward them with a decent amount. I believe that the entertainment value that these types of posts provide to the platform are invaluable, and deserve recognition.

That was one of the main reasons that we created the Creative Coin Tribe. We want those in the creative arts fields to feel that their work is being recognized and is valuable. Without the creatives doing the work that they do, we would not have books, movies, tv shows, art, photography or many of the other things that people use for entertainment purposes everyday.

So if you have never heard of the Creative Coin Tribe, first off, where have you been? Second, make sure to use the #creativecoin tag for your creative post and you can start earning CCC (Creative Coin Crypto) which is tradable on Steem Engine.

We look forward to seeing your awesome posts on our tribe's front end website

Thanks for stopping by, you are awesome!


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Very cool. I like when people are involved and invested! Thanks!!

Wh00p! Great decision <3

I am not selling any , it is a great project and i think it is better to buy than sell .

Definitely one of the most worthy tribes in the world of Steem, if not the most interesting... seems like this is where the real content is created; the weird, the original, the beautiful, the creative... not just "stuff thrown out there in hopes of catching an upvote."

Just planning to keep building my own stake... on a smaller scale, mind you... but still building.


Thanks. We do have some pretty awesome content being published with the #creativecoin tag. Just keep stacking and curating.

What is the uses of creative coins ? May I know about it and it would be great if you can tell a little in beer 🍺 coin as well.

Few days back, I made a post and there beer coin posted that I won some coins but I didn’t know how to claim and where it is.

CreativeCoin is a tribe here on the Steem Blockchain. You can check it out on the website provided in the post. The CCC token and the Beer token are both on Steem Engine and the website is also in my post. Check out @creativecoin for more info.

Sounds good. Thanks for the info.

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
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