A Fictional Story Challenge

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Write a Story in 1st Person View

Your first sentence starts by
picking the month and day you were born
then pick the color of your shirt.

The rest is up to you.
It can be long or short.
When you're done, make your own post,
post it, and leave a link to it below
in the comments.
Happy writing, you creative peeps.


Jan.: I congregated withFeb.: I draggedMar.: I challengedApr.: I contemplated with
May: I placedJune: I inspected withJuly: I fetchedAug.: I extracted
Sept.: I zappedOct.: I shotNov.: I hovered overDec.: I dock ed by


1: a china-man2: a knife3: Leslie Nielsen4: a gang of motormen
5: a helicopter6: the New York Jets7: a ruler8: the geometry test
9: Britney Spears10: a maniac11: some nachos12: a sharp dagger
13: a beautiful woman14: a poisonous flower15: the last note to mankind16: a lonely thought
17: the toilet18: a cup19: the tea bag20: my parents
21: a black person22: those whiteys23: Kurt Douglas24: the movie
25: a planet26: my sister's dog27: the street28: his dinosaur
29: our kitchen30: a clock31: Michael Jackson

Color of Shirt:

White: although, I'm not the only one in the room who did.Black: because I'm friends with TrumpPink: and that was it.Red: consequently, the janitor walked in.
Brown: then we got into the missionary position.Polka: because it worked like that.Purple: therefore, the tractor broke down.Grey: hence why he choked.
Green: forthwith, tigers will eat you.Orange: for this reason, I'm going to cancel our arrangement.Turquoise: because this is love.Blue: but Sister Mary made me do it.
Yellow: and you're to blame.Tan: because giant ants exist.No shirt: therefore, our tutor weaved a basket.Other: because I'm different and see things my own way.

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Here's my entry - this was a FUN contest!

Because I'm friends with Trump

Not a contest as of yet. Just something I did for fun. I'm glad you had fun. Now it is time to see what you wrote. Will I cry? Will I be sad? Will I be happy?

Depends on if you are a fan of Trump or not, lol.

Would you like to see this as a weekly contest?

I plan on putting out a couple of these "just for fun" exercises within the freewrite community to see what the interest is.

I think it would make a great weekly contest. I like the interesting prompts with a twist.

Not a contest, just a challenge ^_^

My combo ended up being a WEIRD one, but here read The Last Note to Mankind...

It's me again! Finally, here is my entry


Hope you're fine!

Take care of yourself & stay at home

  ·  last year (edited)

You're insane, mate! XD

I love it ^_^...

Let's see...

I was born in December so my first sentence should start with “I dock ed by” …. Who’s ed?

The day was 21st, so “a black person” (a little racist, although I'm not a white person)

It’s hot, so I don’t wear any shirt, then “therefore, our tutor weaved a basket.”

My first sentence should be: "I dock ed by a black person therefore, our tutor weaved a basket."

I don't think it's going to be literally written that way, is it? I don't necessarily have to use those phrases in that order, do I? o.O?

  ·  last year (edited)

Good question! :)

Mine would be, "I contemplated with a helicopter but sister Mary made me do it."

I don't know... maybe I can work with this, but it would have to be a special helicopter.

Can be a terrorist who shoots down helicopters in the name of God? o.O?

but mine? can you give a hint? :D

  ·  last year (edited)

Good one! 🤣

I docked by his dinosaur, and that was it.

Well, damn, that's an opening I can't ignore lol

Sounds like Jurassic Park kind of story ^_^

Surely, you are going to leave me hanging, are you?