The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 16

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Welcome. You have stumbled upon a new adventure. One that will challenge you to grow; one that is filled with twists and turns; one that will have your piece swinging like the rhythm of a jazz ensemble that keeps readers and listeners engaged to the very end (or we crash into a wall and die; either way, we'll learn something together).

Over in China, the revered Shanghai Conservatory of Music can’t even believe the principles of jazz are real! That with enough courage and trust in yourself, you can hear a piece of music once, and ring dazzling changes on it forever and ever. They can’t duplicate our jazz. But everything else we make doesn’t worry them a bit.
....The road to wealth comes from understanding yourself. Doing what you do best, not what other people do best.
--John Taylor Gatto

Round 16

The Prizes

BUILD @build-itSP Delegation for one Week
1st Place225300
2nd Place150
3rd Place75

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We have a new sponsor this week and the weeks hereafter; @build-it will be sponsoring this contest with 450 BUILD tokens to be slit amongst you, our contestants who keep the show running. How cool is that!

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Contest Rules

1. One Entry Per Person.

2. Inspired by the prompt and follows the random number order exactly with the correct amount of words in each sentence (explained below).

3. Prose or poetry; any form and genre of fiction is accepted.

4. It must be a story. Refer here for an explanation of what a story must contain in order for it to be considered a story.

5. Contest closes at the end of this post's payout. Tuesday is the day this comes out.

6. In your entry, link back to this contest somewhere in your post.

8. Post a link to your tale in the comments below.

9. Your entry must be in English.

The Prompt (explained)

The PROMPT: this is what your story is tied to in some way and in some fashion of your choosing within the fiction realm. You don't have to use the wording of the prompt in the story but your story must somehow relate to the prompt. Easy enough - we hope.

The Sentences: # 1-31(explained)

This idea comes from John Taylor Gatto. In this interview - PDF, he speaks about the inner jazz of writing coming to life simply by applying this method. I've been curious to see this in action. So ...

The SENTENCES: This objective here will have you writing out exactly 31 sentences, found below the prompt in a randomized order. The number of words for each and every sentence corresponds with the sentence number you are on.

For example, if 1 is the number that is up, you may only use one word that will complete the sentence (I know - technically, one word isn't a sentence but deal with it 8-). If 31 is the number, you construct a sentence that is 31 words in length, no more no less. The same goes for all numbers. (Here you'll find excellent examples from the last round - to be updated - should you need to see a fuller example.)

Except for number 1, all sentences must be a complete sentence. You may construct your paragraphs however you see fit.

I, @tristancarax, am the judge. This contest will mostly be judged by how I feel about your piece and my interest in your piece because my editing skills are so far below par that earthworms stand above me. As I improve, so will the judging. Additionally, comments on contestant's posts will be taken into consideration when choosing a winner.

And there you have it. I'm excited to see what your minds create and imagine through this exercise.

The Prompt:

[Photo is mine, @tristancarax}

Sentence order:

8, 14, 6, 31, 28, 30, 10, 13, 21, 2, 29, 1, 18, 16, 23, 12, 9, 20, 11, 17, 22, 24, 27, 25, 15, 26, 4, 3, 7, 5, 19

Previous Contestants

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I will be back this week. Last week duty called. :)

Here's my post, sorry if I'm late. We were under attack again yesterday and today from Justin.

How is that going? What is the bad and good news?

It's cyclical. For all of last week, Justin wanted meetings, the outcome of which seemed to indicate that hostilities would cease, and further meetings to iron things out would continue; but then Justin went on the attack between every meeting. Dude is just a liar and completely devoid of any trustworthiness whatsoever.

So, meetings have ceased since he's proven he can't be taken for his word at all, and we're using twitter to try to get support from the steem community to keep enough of our witnesses in the top 20 so Justin can't hard fork and basically destroy steem, which is clearly his goal.

We want to ensure enough of our witnesses remain so we can stop Justin from doing a hard fork and destroying steem, and also so we can get enough witnesses to hardfork and foil Justin's plan of destruction. It's just a daily fight now to keep and gain witness positions. We DO have the top 8 witness slots this morning, but we had the top 9 last night when I went to bed.

Procrastinating on my managerial duties butt I haven't forgotten that you get:

First Blood!

Ooo that's a really good prompt!

I'm glad you liked it. I would have loved to see a story from you but maybe next time.

Oh thank you. I didn't have chance i'm afraid, the Chris Cornell's grave prompt isn't one for me but hopefully I'll catch another round. If I find I have time and nothing current to get inspired from, I might still come back to this prompt cos it a good one :)

All hail to Tris for keeping the contest alive despite the unnecessary din-dan.. 😊 😊

I think we should just chill and enjoy ourselves here. I, for one, will keep coming back and writing... How bad can it get? No, really? How bad? Anyway, contests which stretch me keep me interested... Your's is one of them. So, thank you. I will keep coming back.. :)

I will keep going if people come back. I may give it a rest for a while and see how things go with steemit. Are people wanting to write here with all that is going on? Since the last hardfork, it killed many communities when those at the top gave us half of a penny rather than the whole penny we were getting.

Is my contest much to hard? 8-)

Lots of steemians are engaged on twitter, fighting the hostile takeover attempts of the steem blockchain. It could be affecting participation, and as of today, it's still brewing mightily.

I'll always enter this contest when possible, it is definitely my fave!

Your contest is if you cannot see the prompt and the entry cannot be read.
There are plenty of writers here but the question is how to reach them.
Personally I kept/keep hosting. I do not see the need to stop and take away those Steemians willing to join and invest daily in this platform the only fun factors there are. It's not a great promotion of this platform either. Good luck with the contest..💕

Tris, I should be able to post my entry by morrow.

Good luck and thanks for your kind comment. 💕

Hey Tris, I am late. Please feel free to not consider for the contest but I had to post. :)

Will see you in Round 17. :)

You're fine. I posted later in the day.

Oh is it? Awesome!

I reblogged, can not edit and hardly read the letters. Sorry this is the end for me.

Here is the sequence of sentences.

8, 14, 6, 31, 28, 30, 10, 13, 21, 2, 29, 1, 18, 16, 23, 12, 9, 20, 11, 17, 22, 24, 27, 25, 15, 26, 4, 3, 7, 5, 19

Please come back @wakeupkitty. You are too good! 😊 😊

Thank you but I think it's useless. I cannot see the photo/prompt and what I post turns out to be messy once posted. It does not look.that way to me but clearly to others.
It was nice to join. I like the puzzling aspect of it but I do not like it if it looks chaotic. Many posts I read look that way to me on my phone and I do not like to add more to it.
If I cannot find a way or connection to post properly it's the end.
I wish you a lot of fun writing. Enjoy your day. 💕

Maybe you could type out what you need on your phone and then head to the library in order to use their computers to fix your writing the way you wish it to look. Just a thought.

I happy that you kepp coming back reguardless.

I don't know if the library has computers. They provide in free internet and loving in with a community computer into steem doesn't sound attractive to me.
Who knows my youngest will win the laptop once mentioned for being the best student. I have doubts if the laptop story is true but if it would be welcome in this family.

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. I wish you a great day.