Brave Brwser - Update of my earnings until the month of October 2019

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Previously I made a publication very similar to this.

But this time I would like to share the update of my experience with the Brave browser and show you my earnings until October 2019.

I really want you to also have this opportunity, at the same time you can contribute with me using my download link.

The truth is that I have managed to accumulate some BAT tokens. The most surprising thing of all is that it has practically not required any kind of extra effort.

It's just about downloading, installing and using the browser. You can download it with my reference link HERE

Brave, offers several ways to earn BAT tokens, by the way, those have a current quote .

  • You can get BAT by looking at advertising.
  • You can get BAT by registering as a content creator and receive tips from viewers who visit your blog or content channel.
  • You can get BAT product from the number of people who download and use the browser for 1 month through your referral link.

These are my earnings from the month of April:

brave 01.png

How can you contribute to a creator?

Let´s Suppose you are visiting my Youtube channel (of course browsing with Brave), then you must click on the logo indicated in the figure:

brave 02.png

Then you will see this:

brave 03.png

Too easy!

I hope this publication will help you win your BAT tokens and you can also benefit as I do.


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You can also benefit from the experience of using the Brave browser.
Here I leave my personal link so you can download it:
Check out the full list of features here:

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I have been using that web browser for a few weeks now, I don't remember who recommended it to me, although I don't know how to handle it much and I was simply attracted to the idea that it was built to block unwanted advertising and only allowed the one that was inside its reward program, with the freedom of being able to mark it as unwanted and then that ad was not sent to you anymore.

Thank you for this review. It reminded me to get my act together about earning bat for using a browser. It’s a no brained I should have acted on long ago...

You're still on time dear friend, @shortsegments.

Greetings @juanmolina, they have told me a lot about it but I still haven't started to try it, maybe these days it will fall to the matter to see how it is.

Thank you for sharing the info, happy day late or night✌️

Try it my friend!

Thanks for comment.

Restemeed and upvoted @juanmolina :)

Thank you very much.

Thanks for posting from 🦁

It´s my pleasure.