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in SteemLeo •  2 months ago 

So backenbart shared a fun little hack in the steem chat discord this morning.

Apparently Celsius is doing some promotions for their app. The really fun part is that they stack.

So you download the wallet from your app store:

You can enter a referral code when you create a login.

My referral code: 1909444171

Then you go through the setup process and KYC stuff (yes, all mainsrteam apps will be KYC from now on).

Next, you hit your profile icon on the top right, and click "Enter a promo code"

Now you start stacking codes:

To get the full benefit of all the codes, you have to deposit at least 500 USD worth of coins and let them sit for at least 30 days. Then you'll get the bonuses.

On top of that, Celsius pays interest because it's also a loan platform. This raises questions about custodianship, so my plan is to withdraw the coins right after the promos are paid out. I think the chances of this blowing up in the next 30 days are relatively low. So I'll take my chances for a 28% return in one month. It's like churning credit cards, but for crypto.

Do not do this if 500 USD is all the crypto you have in the world.

Do do this if it's not a huge deal and an extra 140 USD worth of crypto wouldn't hurt things.

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