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⚡️WINSTARS⚡️ is a decentralized gambling platform with a catalog of gambling resources, the core being built on Blockchain and smart contracts.


📌Transparency: The use of block chain technology in the gambling operators structure creates an absolutely transparent system hence preventing the blocking of players accounts or obstruction of the withdrawal process;

📌User friendly: the platform users are able to easily check their history of all bests, payments of wins in making a follow up of their bets due to the honesty of the operator hence building the users trust;

📌Low operational cost: The use of blockchain ensures that the platform operators and users enjoys the reduced operational and transaction costs enabling international expansion of the platform use;

📌Convenience: The users are able to exploit the platform services easily due to an extensive development of smart phones with internet access;

📌Bureaucratic optimization: The online gambling attracts many users as the operators don’t need to interact with a large number of state authorities and private organizations;

The project team is composed of professionals having the experience in the management of real projects in a traditional industry enabling the platform to obtain a proper strategic management in its implementation.

Stay tuned.

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