What Do They Influence 🤔 Crypto "Influencers"

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I didn't say it. They did. That is the research... at least in Bitcoin space.

Crypto Influencers Do Not Influence Bitcoin Price, Study Finds


I DO get some information from crypto tweets, but do I get influenced to buy more cryptos or whatever?
I don't think so... 🙄🙄🙄

So what do they really do to crypt or blockchain?
Probably nothing.
I just hope I am wrong 🤬

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Maybe they can influence people to get in or out of projects, to buy or sell certain coins. They can't influence the price much unless they have lots of money, or they manage to make big investors sell/buy.

Here in Hive (or LeoFinance) we could see a bigger impact from some influencers. For example, when there are contests or call to actions, there are certain whales that can make a post and hundreds of users will participate. I know it's not a lot but considering the number of active users here, they certainly can "influence" lol. Hive has won many of this voting contests thanks to some whales that have asked the community to participate.

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Nice! I didn't think anybody was going to read my 💩 post. So those influencers on Hive or LeoFinance, do they get special "treatments" or something because they influence tons of people?

The influencers that I am mentioning have been part of the community almost from the beginning, some are big investors, some are witnesses, dapp developers or community leaders.

Special treatment? Well... they are not "paid" but could receive a lot of votes from other big users, manual and automatic votes. Other than that they could receive bigger airdrops but that is because of the stake they own.

make sense 👍👍👍

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