ALT SZN - What Are You Holding?

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People in crypto REALLY loved 2017....

It seemed like everything in crypto you touched went to the moon, there were no losers during that 'Alt season'...It's when BTC dominance goes down, and people start placing their bets on various alternative coins in the industry.

Love it or hate it, 'Alt Szn' was a big deal!

And when Bitcoin starts to hit these numbers we are currently seeing...Attention to these 'alternative coin projects' start to increase.

When it comes to crypto projects there as so many to choose from...My goodness, whether you check CoinMarketCap or @CoinGecko there are literally....Thousands of crypto projects. All promising to slice your bread, walk your dog and feed your cats....

Yeah there are a lot of promises in the 'alt markets' but what I've found over the past few years in this market....There is very little actual use case!

So what am I holding?

I admit, I got caught in the hype of late 2017 and early 2018...I dipped into every project that was talked about and then about half way through 2018...I kinda just 'gave up' trying to buy every hyped coin out there and focus on...

Use case!

So today, I'm going to talk about my very limited selection of tokens that I'm holding...And you'll notice a trend. All of them are tokens and blockchains that I can actually use...Right now!


Hive - This goes without saying. If you are reading this...It's more than likely you are a part of this blockchain and have fallen in love with it like I have. No need to go too in depth here...We all love the HIVE and are VERY happy to be a part of this community!

This is the future of everything :)


Basic Attention Token - I absolutely love the Basic Attention Token project that combines with the Brave Browser. I mean, it's literally the PERFECT browser that rewards you for using it. It's weird, but I actually enjoy the ads that are being served to me, the more I use the browser and combine that with the tipping feature...It's just magical internet money on another level :)

I have dreams of seeing BAT integrate with HIVE somehow, obviously the smart people are the ones to tell you if that's possible or not...but I just love it.

Such an awesome project that I use every single minute of the day!


CTP Token - Yeah I'm a little biased here but remember when I told you...I hold tokens with actual use case? When the Hive-Engine team fired up their version of SMT's on the previous blockchain, I knew I had to bring something different to the table. A token that people would actually use and want to accumulate because it had value outside of just holding it...

CTP Token fully integrated with the Fire-Pay payment script that allows dozens and dozens of online marketing and affiliate marketing companies accept CTP Token as payment. So while of course I'm biased and LOVE my own project...At the end of the day we are trying to show an entire industry the power of accepting crypto on their websites and businesses...

So far, so good :)


PRE - I have to admit, I'm rather new to this project but after learning about 'Keyword Staking' and being an affiliate marketer...I fell in love. Presearch is a blockchain based search engine that rewards people with PRE tokens for every search they make.

But wait...There's more!

I've never been a big fan of keyword purchases for advertising and when it came to general SEO techniques, I never spent a minute of my life on it. I'm not a fan of it to be honest and feel SEO should stand for 'Search Engine Optimist'...But keyword staking....That's cool!

And that's what Presearch allows marketers and businesses to do. 'Own the search terms' and enjoy endless traffic from strategically staked keywords. I love it!! And have really started to play around with it's true potential. Still it's not my biggest holding, I'm accumulating more and staking more keywords as my stake increases!

.......And now is the part in the article where I tell you about all these amazing investment coins that are giving me 10000% returns.....

Nope. That's it.

Sure I have Bitcoin as a store of value and hold a few Litecoins as well for purchases here and there...And of course I've got a bunch of tokens on Hive-Engine but at the end of the day...These are my holdings :)

Use case in crypto will help so much...I think when people WANT to be a part of a project, onboarding becomes that much easier. That's why we've built an entire training platform dedicated to help people get started....

By actually USING this stuff everyday!


=> Check out our little onboard tool for free here!

Simple! Just the way I like it :)

What are you holding right now?

What projects should we be looking out for?

I'd love to hear form you, what is important about the crypto you are holding, investing in and accumulating as 'alt szn' approaches :)

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I pretty much just use hive and Lbry. Ive been on hive the longest and hive has my heart, but Lbry is a close 2nd.

I used pre for a while, then I just decided BAT was 10x better and didn’t cost me any extra time on searches. I just deleted my pre plug-in.

And one more is uptrennd. Still experimenting with it, but it’s pretty cool

I think Uptrennd is slick but desperately needs a face lift. Pretty confusing and lot going on... For me at least. But I know they have a fantastic community and great use case.

I have hive, steem and I think 1-2 litecoin somewhere. I also have some tokens on hive-engine.

Steem is in power down and I’m moving that to hive and steemmonsters.

Im excited for miners on hive engine. I want to get as many as I can.

good reminder lol. i forgot to mention steem cause i’m just powering it down now.

awesome to have you on board as well in the ctp family :)

I really need to learn your guys program. I need to grow my earning online. Hopefully in June things slow down a little at work. I am super lucky to have a job right now that is busy so I am not complaining.

Oh yeah no doubt....SO many folks are out of a job right now, awesome that you are still working!

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Yeah, 2017 was crazy and I was also bought a bunch of shitcoins because of the false promises... and I still have some, but without any hope that it will be something from them...
And I agree about the use-case and that will be probably the "magic word" for the next ALT SZN on which will "developers" try to catch new investors... as you use to say "to separate you from your money"...

And regarding my holdings... I will steal @achim03 format :)

  • hive and lbc as I'm using them for content creation, staking, which accumulates more coins in the long term
  • btc, ltc as a store of value and to transfer crypto to a debit card
  • eth - accumulating for the staking phase
  • chainlink - as of huge potential and great connections with "real world" and tech companies

regarding HIVE tokens, I was accumulating a couple of them, but the majority of admins and developers didn't have a clear idea where to "drive" their projects, so I gave up on them...

My favorite and the only one that I keep for the long-term is the CTP token...

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chainlink - as of huge potential and great connections with "real world" and tech companies

I didn't know anything about this project. I've seen it's listed on coinbase. They offer a kind of interface between blockchains and realworld apps?

They are connected with everyone... lol...
This is just a surface:

I don't hold big bags of it, but thinking about doing that :)

Thanks a lot for the list. It's quite impressive. I will look into this a bit more in dept ;-)

Welp now I'm going to go look at Chainlink LOL

Thanks man ;)

My collection are pretty hive steem, bnb and what else hope coin to push it through

Nice selection for sure, tons of use case!

Jon same here. I no longer look at anything that I can't actually use or is being utilized outside of the current project. Stellar-Lumens is one I buy occasionally just because of the work being done with IBM.

I messed with Stellar before too. Figure it was a good replacement to XRP

I'm still holding on what XRP I have, but not buying any more right now until I see more work from it.

I mainly keep the altcoins that I can use

  • Doge to make cheap quick transfers between exchanges
  • Hive because it's the best ;-)
  • CTP because I want to reach these 10'000 K
  • Steem because I still use some dapps there
  • DEC because I love splinterlands
  • Leo because I love how it is developping
  • LBC because I think that Lbry is a nice promising platform
  • Tron because I found some ways to make passive income there
    I might have some more dust of other coins lying around ;-)

I love the idea for LBRY, but wow...It's really confusing and no idea why they developed a desktop app which confuses me even more LOL

Loads of use case, but for the general adopter, I think it needs to be dumbed down.

It's really confusing and no idea why they developed a desktop app which confuses me even more LOL

I totally agree on this point. I didn't understand it either. I installed the destop app and suddenly realised that it was downloading all the videos that I was watching...

I've got hive, some steem, and some bat and thats about it for now.

so much easier to manage right? i’m a fan of keeping things simple

Haha yup, don't want to get into too many things and not be able to keep up. Thats what I did at first, now I have a few cons but know quite a bit about them.

Same man...Got was too invested in a lot of crap projects...Once I focused, things started to improve.

I am still trying to get the hang of everything, I do have most that you have listed. I think what I have is good for me at this time. I do so enjoy when you point out bitcoin or tokens that are good for us to think about. I also really like BAT.