Thursday Night Live - The 5 Day Hustle!

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Note: Apologies for the delay in posting and for having to stick this on YouTube. Had some issues with the upload tonight...

Thursday are ALIVE!

We had an absolute blast this evening at the webinar and had a fantastic turnout as well.

Tonight we discussed what we called the 5 Day Hustle - A Monday to Friday strategy to crush it with your social media and content marketing journey!

Here's the infographic we created to help our members get a better idea of how to structure their work week:


Infographic Source

We hope you enjoy the show and got a ton of value from it!

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I love the infographic! Very good guide indeed... I can learn much from it too!! 😊😊😊

Awesome Rose, glad you liked it :)

I got a LOT of great information tonight. Thanks for the info on getting my Wordpress connected to hive (and CTPtalks) with Steempress. My posts should start rolling over with this afternoon's publish.

Awesome man, yup you are in great hands with the @Steempress team.

Glad you enjoyed the webinar :)

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Congratulations @jongolson!
You raised your level and are now an Orca!

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Imagine that ;)

Awesome!! I am so jealouse haha 😉 Maybe one day I also reach the next level! Congratulations @jongolson!
cheers, lizanomadsoul

That’s an awesome graphic. I wish I had more time in the day to execute on these things!

We each have 1440 minutes :)

For me, I took some things out of my life to be able to focus on things that ended up being very productive for me.

Yup, it’s about those priorities right?!

Very sound advice!

One great one we discovered this week is to join the marketing committee of your local BIA (Business Improvement Area or whatever your local association of businesses is called.) There are plenty of committees to join and, though this one will preclude you from being able to bit on RFP jobs, it is worth it.

You can do greater good for your brand and the community advising and networking than you can getting in the annoying pissing contest that is an RFP anyhow!

Great stuff Jon.

Thanks very much!

Yeah that's the one area of my business I think I can improve upon, networking within my community offline

Thanks for the recordings, man! I have forgotten which day is and been late for the first 15 minutes... But, as I can see, you have called me out, and I have come to the rest of the live show... lol...
Thanks for the mention!

ha ha ha ha Yeah man, during these times, I'm not even sure what day of the week it is lol

Excellent Webinar. The infographic is one that I may actually use. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed you and Blain discussing one of my favorite topics, and the webinar itself was social proof of the very discussion you were having.

Nice Job, Jon O and Blain.

Thanks man, appreciate you coming by and glad to hear you like the infographic :)

I found this very inspiring especially the webinar part. Now that I managed to get in front of a camera, I might actually do live webinars as well ;-). In addition we have a fully working platform on I believe... This might be the next step out of the comfort zone!