October 7th - My Lead Capture Page design using the A.C.A format

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Hi everyone. I'm starting off the week with a project I've been working on seems like forever. I finally finished the design for my Lead Capture Page. It's taken me a while because I have a busy offline schedule this time of the year, and I'm slow at delving into any type of programming / coding projects. But I stuck with it a little bit each day. It took me reviewing the training lessons more than once.

In creating my LCP, I wanted to make sure that my page followed the A.C.A. format taught us by @jongolson:
Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 9.34.08 PM.png

  1. Attention - I feel that my headline would make you want to stop and read further;
  2. Curiosity - I inserted bullet points to make the reader want to read what's different this time;
  3. Action - I inserted my recommendation and invitation to take action.

I hope I accomplished what I set out to achieve. If it weren't for the CTP team providing the lessons below, I wouldn't have been able to do it. If I can do it, anybody can! Let me know what you think. Thanks.
My Lead Capture Page

CTP Lesson: Lead Capture Page-Module #1; (A.C.A.) So You Wanna Make A Lead Capture Page Huh? @jongolson
CTP Lessons: Lead Capture Pages - Module #2 - #5; HTML - Entire Module; Traffic Wave - Modules #3 - #5.
Thanks Blain, and for directing us to these resources: W3Schools & Notepad C++ (although Notepad didn't work for me in Chrome).

You too can learn how to create lead capture pages using the tutorials at Click Track Profit.

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Thanks you. Always trying to think outside the box and see where it takes me. I had fun creating this one.

Nicely done.. and well-branded....

Thanks so much. I was hoping to do something a bit different with the sample forms given and present CTP from another viewpoint. I was also hoping the page wasn't too busy. I have my autoresponder info ready, just need a bit of tweaking the html code.

Hi @justclickindiva - thanks for the article and the LCP looks great, it will certainly grab attention :) well done :)

Thanks Russell. I was hoping I could create an lcp with some interest.

Appreciate the second chance and for the opportunity for everyone to see how I always wanted CTP to look and feel like :)

And of course, I'm very biased for your LCP cause well...CTP and all :)

You're welcome. An organization is made up of actual people, not just a name. It's the people who make or break it. Surrounding yourself with qualified, like-minded people who believe in the same goals as you do and work towards producing a quality product as a TEAM is the way to accomplish earning everyone's trust. When people see this happening, they will come along for the ride. Just remember to include everyone cause I keep telling people "there's something for everyone at CTP". Don't prove me wrong!

Great post describing the ACA format and how you made it @justclickindiva, and really nice LCP, keep it up and stay awesome.

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Thank you. Appreciate it. I knew what direction I wanted to go with the LCP, and the training helped pull it all together. Took me longer than others I see advertising their splash pages. Now I got 2 lines of html code I can't get out of my head, lol. Don't laugh. Better than none at all. Good start for my next LCP coming soon with the actual TW listbuilding info inserted so I can start promoting.

Thanks @justclickindiva, and keep on building and learning, you can't learn too much, stay awesome.