September 30th - Coordinating Online and Offline Projects

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Got several items scheduled for this week. I plan to finalize the form for my lead capture page. Remaining items also are to insert my autoresponder info and work on my "thank you" page. to-do-list.jpg
Got offline projects for my family reunion in 2 weeks. So I'll limit my online work this week to keep ahead of the flurry I know will be last minute. We were devastated to learn we'd lost everything we accumulated these past 10 years due to a tornado in the area where the reunion is held. It was time-consuming cleaning up and disposing of all the items damaged. But the reunion will go on as planned.
Wish me luck!

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Hi all steemians. Just wanted to let you know made a mistake and ended up posting the above twice. I posted to Steemit and thought it would also post to CTPTalk, but I used the wrong tag for CTPTalk. Then, I got the brilliant idea to post to CTPTalk separately. Result: SNAFU. Now, it's posted twice in Steemit. Last night I tried to add a comment about my mistake. Ran out of steem. Turned out to be a not so good Monday, so I shut it down. Apologies, and I'll try to pay more close attention to what I'm doing and where and make sure I'm using the correct tags.