Undiscovered Assets...Have You Found Yours?

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As a member of Click Track Profit, one of our training modules included a video session on Steem-Engine. The lesson was about how to buy and sell CTP tokens. I wasn't ready to divert my attention to that. @jongolsen repeatedly stresses that we should “go do the work”, not just click COMPLETED then move on to the next step. I admit I didn’t do the work. But once I did visit the site, I was surprised to see several unfamiliar tokens in MY TOKENS WALLET. They were just sitting there waiting for me to claim. I'll try the buy and sell options later when I can fully focus on it. I found something I didn't know I had. I have now CLAIMED all my tokens. All I need to do now is figure out how to earn more!


If you’re already a member of CTP, then go to Training >= CTPTalk.Com module >= Step 7 (Buy & Sell). I recommend displaying this particular video in full screen. Then visit Steem-Engine.com to find all your tokens. If you’re not a member of CTP, then why not get in on this training. Find out how you can earn at CTPTalk and other platforms. Doesn’t cost you anything, and the training alone is worth the effort of joining.

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You will earn a lot of different tokens all the time by upvoting and commenting, plus the tags that you are using on your own posts, and the best way to earn more is to stake these tokens to maximize your curation rewards, stay awesome.

Thank you for reviewing my post. I have so much more to learn. And you accomplish that by doing. I will take your advice as well on upvoting and commenting when appropriate. So glad to have fellow steemians who wish to see others do well and offer advice to help others improve their experience here. Note to self: upvote, comment, stake, choose wisely on tags. Then repeat. :)

You are right on point there, and I wish you an awesome week ahead.

Nice that you found some goodies that you didn't know you had @justclickindiva, the best way to earn more would be to stake them and earn curation rewards, stay awesome.

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Thanks for the advice. Will have to revisit those training lessions to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

Thanks @justclickindiva, I am sure you will get it right, just a tip if there are many tokens to stake you can use Steemworld to stake the tokens you select all at once and not one by one as in Steem-engine, you find that feature under Balances->Tokens and Stake Tokens, stay awesome.

Thanks so much for the tip. I'll return to steem-engine to see how much I have, then visit Steemworld. It's amazing here finding so many steemians willing to help and give advice/tips on how to work more effiiciently. As soon as I learn what I'm doing here at steem, I'll pass it on.

Thanks @justclickindiva, and stay awesome.

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and read my post. So I also need to stake my other tokens as well. Don't have but a tiny amount in each category right now. I'll start right away with the advice you and others gave. Also, I need to start a beginner's guide on what to do and when. I didn't know how important tags were, or wasn't listening closely to the video. I'll return for a second viewing of the CPT training for the Tags and staking lessons.

Thanks @justclickindiva, and that is a nice initiative, good luck with it and stay awesome.

Thanks, and will do.