The Daily Leo #29 | Interview With Steemhunt Founder + Teaching Decentralization + Splintertalk Curation Case Study + Spending Time on Steem

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It's always fascinating to think about how far this blockchain has come.

Forgetting about the price for a moment, just think about what Steem looked like 1 year ago.

How about 2 years ago?

Just imagine: we had no SMTs. No DApps. 2 Years ago, all that was here was Now look at the blockchain. Look at what has been built here and what continues to be built every single day.

Every day, there is more and more to do on Steem. More fun apps to play with. More communities to join. More ways to earn and simply more ways to engage with each other. There is no other place in the world where you can be as connected as we are on Steem.



Interview with YoungHwi Cho '@project7' - Founder, Designer/Marketer of the STEEMHUNT Platform.

Threespeak Interview

Screen Shot 20190813 at 8.20.36 AM.png

@steemhunt is one of the oldest and most used DApps on the Steem blockchain. The founder hasn't done much in terms of public interviews (probably because he's busy building an incredible DApp!). It's awesome to hear him speak on @exyle's Monday crypto show and learn more about him. Just hearing his ideas and why he's building the Hunt platform is inspiring for anyone on the Steem blockchain! Check it out!



Priming For Decentralization Necessary?

3 Minute Read | 453 Words

@markkujantunen does a fantastic analysis of onboarding people into crypto and Steem in particular. It's tough to get people to wrap their heads around blockchain, but with time, patience and effort, we can make it happen!



Case Study: Splintertalk Curation and My 10% Downvote Rubric

4 Minute Read | 741 Words

@inertia does an awesome analysis of curating on Splintertalk and also shares his strategy for downvoting bad content within the SPT tribe.



When returning from a long Steem break ...

3 Minute Read | 586 Words

What does your day look like on the Steem blockchain? How do you spend your time and do you ever take breaks? @sumatranate kicks off a great conversation about spending time on Steem, which has changed a lot in recent months.



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@steem.leo, please can we get an update about the @leo.voter bot, especially for those that missed the early bird bonus rounds and what westand to gain daily if we delegate Steem Power to the bot.


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Kinda ironic how SCT wants to crack down on proper tagging lately.

haha yeah. I think that notice could use some work as well