Check Out The DigiPiglets Kickstarter Campaign - Collectible Piggy Banks for Bitcoin

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A couple of months ago, I noticed that someone had started a thread in the Project Development section on the Bitcointalk forums, where they put forward the idea of creating a physical Bitcoin piggy bank. The concept was fairly simple and straightforward, you'd be able to buy a piggy bank that had both public and private key labels attached, allowing you to deposit Bitcoins "into" it and take them out as well.

Now, while the public key label is just visible, the private key label would be covered by a peel-able sticker which needs to be removed in order to access the coins you've put on it. Just like an old-fashioned piggy bank that you need to break in order to get to the coins inside it.


I was in talks with the creator of this product ever since he posted his thread on Bitcointalk. He had manufactured some prototypes and was giving me constant updates regarding production and further developments, while I promised him I'd write a couple of articles for this product.

In the end, he opted to start a Kickstarter campaign to get all the necessary funding, which comes down to €20.000. I know that many Kickstarter campaigns for physical products never amount to anything and that people tend to wait endlessly for their products to arrive. This will not be the case for DigiPiglets!

They aim to start shipping DigiPiglets before Christmas 2019 and if any delays should occur, they will absolutely keep everyone informed and resolve any production-related issues as fast as possible. I have full confidence that Nenad Franjic (the creator of DigiPiglets), will hold his end of the bargain.

Check out the DigiPiglets Kickstarter campaign!

Different Models

Aside from the piggy model you see in the featured image, there will also be bull and bear models. They're quite fitting for these crypto piggy banks, since we all know they represent the bull and bear markets we often face.


You can pledge to buy each of these models separately or together in one bundle, it's all up to you!

How Does It Work & Security

As I've mentioned in the introduction, there will be two labels on each DigiPiglet, one for the public key and one for the private key. The public key label would be fully visible, so you can easily load Bitcoins onto your DigiPiglet, while the private key label would require you to peel it off in order to redeem your coins.


Since your private key would be compromised if anyone ever saw it, the company behind DigiPiglets is working with an experienced software engineer to design a label-printing-solution, that would make private key exposure impossible during the printing process.


The minimum price to receive a DigiPiglet from the Kickstarter campaign is €20 and you'd receive two DigiPiglets for that amount. So they're €10 each, which isn't all that expensive in my opinion.

The DigiPiglets aren't pre-loaded with any Bitcoins, because it's against Kickstarter's TOS to create campaigns for financial products. By not pre-loading DigiPiglets with any Bitcoins beforehand, they were allowed to start this Kickstarter campaign.

I really think it's a fair deal, since you're supporting a small business that's creating a unique collectible product. If the campaign doesn't reach it's goal, you will get a full refund, as per Kickstarters policies.


Definitely take a look at the DigiPiglets Kickstarter campaign if you're interested in buying physical crypto-related collectibles. They can be fun gifts for kids or adults, you're getting two DigiPiglets anyway, so you can give the other one away. If you pledge to buy one now, they might just arrive in time before the next bull run starts!

I will be receiving a DigiPiglet myself for reviewing purposes myself, when it arrives I'll definitely write another article about it!

Check out the DigiPiglets Kickstarter campaign!

All images were gathered on the DigiPiglets Kickstarter campaign page

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Very cool. I remember you writing about this a little bit a while ago. It seems like they are really working to have everything in order before they move forward with the launch. That is pretty encouraging. I can see a lot of people picking these up for the holidays. I know there is probably a large market for something like this in several countries.

Yeah, it took them a while to get everything in order for this Kickstarter, but i'm glad that it's finally here :)

Thanks for the kind words, we hope to reach as many different countries as possible.

I can see these as a really cute gift-giving idea, especially on a new baby, or a wedding gift.

Super cool!

Thanks for sharing!


Indeed, plus it would make for a nice little savings account, aside from a regular one of course :) Who knows, maybe it ends up being worth a lot in the future.

Thank you so much 😊

let see how this one goes thanks for sharing the links

No problem :)

Haha... they are pretty damn cute! But still, I don't think I would trust it... after all, wouldn't the private key still need to be exposed at some point... even if it just to the computer that needs to do the printing?

Well, I guess that's a risk some people are willing to take. I still have an original Casascius coin with 1 BTC loaded on it, same problem applies there. That one's still loaded though after 8 years :)

Wow... that is a real collectible there! I guess I took the risk with the Ethereum stamps... but in that case, it is only a on-chain collectible that is at risk....

Hi @bengy thanks for the feedback. The idea is to use a printer that prints concealed labels, with a program that automatically generates private keys for the printer and erases its memory afterwards. Physical Bitcoin services usually work on a trust basis, with few people having access to the private keys. We want no one to have access except the person who is unpeeling the label. We'll share as much about the process as possible so you can make sure it's trustworthy.

Thanks... definitely there is some risk... but there is a way I'm sure that you will manage to risk! I have some of the Ethereum crypto stamps and they have the same sort of trust issue... but for them, it is only an on-chain collectible that is risk!

That is such a cool idea

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