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Whether it is an investment in crypto or in shares, we all base our options on different assets to form a Portfolio. One thing sweeter that the shares have is the fact that on a year basis their are providing additional income/profit to their holders in the form of Dividends. You can diversify your portfolio in order to minimize the risk and also to improve the overall return of investment.

What I like when putting together my Shares portfolio is to diversify it and at the same time build it in order to allow me different options - buy or sell - depending of the financial month. This way it keeps me engaged in the space and at the same time allows me to continuously act and get nice returns as the time goes buys. For this purpose I want to share with you some stocks that will give you dividends in every month of the year. Either you can choose them or expand with others following the same logic, it just depends on you.


The magic list of stocks that provide you dividends each month of the year are:
1 - January: P&G
2 - February: Southern Company
3 - March: Coca-Cola
4 - April: CISCO
5 - May: CVS Health
6 - June: Pfizer
7 - July: PEPSICO
8 - August: AT&T
9 - September: McDonalds
10 - October: Nike
11 - November: Starbucks
12 - December: VISA

A portfolio like this can give you juice each month of the year and allow you to have a steady income if it is sized properly. This is one strategy that I just found out and that I plan to put it at good use. A small treasures hidden trough the investors strategies that we can all follow and gain a little bit more than if we wouldn't pay attention to such details. Invest smart, diversify and keep your income flow!

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