CineLonga-Fat Sounds Overdose Mix [GLORY]

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CineLonga-Fat Sounds Overdose Mix.jpg

The Finest Fattest Sounds

Get Your Ears Overdosed


Feel The Vibe, Enjoy The Sound!
And Yes, There Is Still Goodness To Be Found!

Mixed by CineLonga With Love and Passion!

credits to Hin Bong Yeung for the cover art


CineLonga_dsound1.png CineLonga_choon1.png

CineLonga_musicoin1.png CineLonga_soundcloud1.png

CineLonga_steemit1.png CineLonga_whaleshares1.png

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This is awesome! Perfect dance/study/party background music!

You've been chosen to be featured in @creativecoin's 🔥DAILY BURN🔥 post!
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wow... thank you 😀