The Noob Night Cryptocast - We Wanna Give You SBI!!!!

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Beware....There IS a rant in this podcast...

But I wanted to name the title of it something...Positive, so I didn't scare everyone away :)


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Cool huh?

Thank you so much for watching and engaging with us each and every week!

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Yeah, a little later than normal! I'm not sure if it was that or a side effect of the vaccines I had to get yesterday, but I was NOT on top of the game tonight. My apologies to everyone.

Be sure to watch for upcoming shows, as we take the Noob Night International!

In 9 days, I will be onboarding a plane for Phuket, Thailand where I will be based for the next 3 months. Sandy beaches, palm trees, and . . . whatever!

And SOMEONE please tell @jongolson 'why' he should come to SteemFest! Evidently, my being there is not enough. Imagine that!

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"The only limits you have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!"

SBI for everyone!!!

SBI for the world!!!!

It looks that we had a similar thought at the same time... again... :) Okay, I wasn't writing about onboarding (this time), but downvoting, trying to explain some differences about FB, YT and STEEM downvotes in my last post...

It's important to know how to use DVs :) in a proper way and I hope that popular STEEM frontends (Steemit, SteamPeak, Busy...) will make more clear about "how to" use them...

On the other side, we are lucky that we have "normal" whales (and not only whales) here on CTPTalk that are not chasing articles for the downvote... So focusing on tribe is a good way to maximize your profits, without living in a fear of DVs...

Thanks for another great show!

Thanks man...Yeah the more I think about it, the more I know I'm in the right place....CTP is a tribe that is just getting it's legs. No hype, no hoopla and very little support from the powers that be on Steem...So we'll build this ourselves :)

I agree on boarding is a big problem on steem it is getting better but has a long way to go. Some folks have gone down voting way to far, and are chasing some folks right off the block chain. They need to calm the heck down. Have a great week.

That's the issue right...Chasing to downvote people....It's like we're looking to start fights now...

I agree 100% with the downvote part you talked about. It has been going in the direction that I was concerned it would. While I can see the practicality in balancing upvote/downvotes, I would love to see more encouragement of content creation & expressing your authentic self without feeling fear of being downvoted to the ground. It makes people feel less valuable, which is NOT what we want here on Steem, CTP or elsewhere. When fear is created, negativity energy manifests.

What I personally do, I upvote good content & just let go of the posts that don't resonate with me. I move on. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but we have no right to force it on others just because it's not a post we aren't into. LIFT EACH OTHER UP, don't drag each other down! Ha ha, needless to say I have a strong feeling about this topic. (Pixie Stomp aka rant! LOL)

This is so important for onboarding & attracting new Steemians (as well as keeping the loyal ones who have invested their time & money in this amazing blockchain). I love Steem and CTPTalk & am here for good. So, let us all move forward & HELP one another.

Thanks for a great video, Jon & Rich. :) Pixie dust your way! 🧚‍♀️

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I would love to see content creators encouraged to continue their journey. Keep creating. Keep getting better!

You guys are so onboarding that you are using the same word of the day again! Downvoters are just jealous from those who are trying to be good! And I want a sticker please! lol

ha ha ha ha I will ship to Europe ;)

Apologies for the lateness of my comment Jon, been a tad busy of late and enduring some real pain! Yep, real life engagement at my place! Oh the pain!

On the plus side, I've managed to get some of Mary's extended family interested, so I'm looking forward to onboarding them into some of our programs. Surprising how quickly ears prick up when crypto gets mentioned!

Great too that I can so readily post my blog to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I'm not into Reddit just yet, although that's on my radar.

As for downvoting, we need a different system or else war will break out, and that'll just drive the small fish away. How about a downvote means no other Steem action for 10 minutes; 6 downvotes in 1 hour. That'll soon make steemians consider their actions as I doubt anyone but the most determined will downvote more than 10 times in a day.

Yes, the downvoting can look scary after all the effort put into a post. Jon your comment about onborading users and then get them to buy 50SP to get enough Resource Credits to post, vote and comment which would enable them to just engage with communities where people are much more friendly towards content producers has merit.

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