It's Crypto Mondays - So Why Are We Even Getting Married?

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Fancy title huh?

No no, I'm not questioning my marriage to my wife...I love her with all my heart :)

I'm talking about the 'union'...

The marriage between affiliate marketing and crypto currency?

Why is this an investment I'm willing to BET on and see through...

And more importantly why are we tying the knot with Steem?

We go over that, and plenty more....

Hope you enjoy the show!

P.S. Oh yeah, watch the video, make a comment and let me know what you learned from it and you get a free @SteemBasicIncome unit

Cool huh?

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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Very good Jon as always.
Can you explain why people are selling ctp ????
Are they so in need of money? in my view, ctp token is for stake; stake; stake !!!!
why? the more ctp power we have the better our upvotes are, and we can earn on curation rewards so we recive more more and more. if people keep selling more and more this token loses value. and costs more ctp to stake ... Am I wrong? correct me if you're wrong brother!
all ctp i recive i invest until i have like 10K or more
we need help new people grow, so we need stake and get more CTP to give away i think lol

You want people to sell some of their CTP tokens so that there is proof of a market for it which in turn will encourage more people to acquire it. As an example, I bought all the CTP tokens yesterday to the point where I would like to see a floor price and staked them. Today, the CTP tokens for sell are at the floor price set yesterday.

I agree with you on some points. But I see sales every day. it no longer becomes just proof of payment brother

Yeah what Mick said...I dont mind the sell offs at all...Helps volume :)

And it's going to fluctuate a ton...Remember, most people in crypto and investing in crypto dont care at all about actual use case LOL If they did, Steem would be a top 3 coin LOL

The one great contribution that CTP can make is teaching people to earn crypto while blogging. Hands-on experience will make people more comfortable with using crypto routinely. The real value in crypto has to come from its utility and not an intrinsic worth. BTW, by missing the meeting and watching the replay it encouraged me to set up a DTube account.

Awesome to hear....Yeah Dtube is brilliant. One of the best dApps for sure :)

And yup, bang on man....Get their hands dirty, actually learn and earn while creating content...That's the game plan :)

Darn... every time when I don't show up, there is a giveaway... :)

Anyways, a serious topic... I really feel guilty not saying you stuff about CTP mails...

Firstly, the problem with TrafficWave... I have created the campaign and test it with my other email addresses... Received first mail, and never received the next one... and TW automatically deleted those "subscribers"... I thought that the problem is on my side and didn't want to bother you about it...

Secondly, I am one of the new users on CTP website and I didn't receive any of your mails... And, again, when you mentioned a few times emails that you are sending to your subscribers, I thought that it for program owners, etc... :(

So... The moral of all this would be that I will try to criticize as much as I can in the future, and make you better... :)

Sorry about that... I always have the fear that I'm disturbing if I ask too much, and talk in general... Will try to avoid that in the future.

LOL Nah man, I appreciate the feedback.

Yeah that would explain why you arent getting my emails...But as for that first issue...I'll have to dive into it.

And hey man, it's never a bother...Just hit me up on Discord or Telegram anytime if you need help.

The first issue is solved... with changing that numbers of letter templates... I don't know how that is connected, but now it works... So, no worries... ;)

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