The Noob Night Cryptocast - A Rant A Day Keeps The Doctors Away?

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We went OFF on tonight's podcast!

From Instagram shutting my account down, to the day I had trying to help onboard new CTP members to Steem....

It's been quite the adventurous past 24 hours :)

But hey, whatever doesn't kill ya...Makes you stronger!

Thanks for watching the show...And hey, find the 'word of the day' in the show and we'll send ya a @SteemBasicIncome unit ;)

The Union Is Here!

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My onboarding to Steemit only took three days!!

LOL That's not too bad....But yeah, it needs to be smoother and a lot less hoops to jump through. Should be priority number one.

I see one thing that every one of us can do... It's to raise awareness of the problem by writing/talking about it... If onboarding is a big problem, then let's talk about it more... and more... and much more...

I don' t know how to solve it on STEEM, but I can shout out and put some pressure by writing about it... and I will try to do it in my future posts... Because, IT IS A BIG PROBLEM and has to be solved.

Hey it worked....Look at the moon shot steem is on now :) lol

Nice cryptocast @jongolson, too bad about Instagram, if it's still linked to your Facebook it might be a way to restore it through there, but I have no idea how that works, worst case scenario they use your Instagram account to steal your Facebook too.

And yeah I fully agree onboarding on Steem is just way too complicated for most people, they need an education to succeed and not that many have the patience for that, but that is what we have to work with right now, so I try to do my part with that.

Stay awesome man!

yeah, it's's ok....I'm going to restart Instagram....Got a good idea for an account!


If they can ever get the onboarding made simple I think this place would take off!! As for instagram I never joined and have never had any interest in it. They need customer service badly or at least a contact us form or something to get folks some help.

Crazy simple would do a world of good for this place!

Like you said in your rant, this is a whole new language. Is onboarding signing up for an account? I used steem ninja had had my account in minutes

Yeah that's the best way to get it....But the 'free' way can take weeks at times...But even then, all the passwords and account keys and then RC's / Mana....Just crazy stuff.

They need to work on their onboarding. The system sucks as it is.

It's bad...And like I mentioned in the show...All the techy stuff we can learn as we go...But just using it, from day one...Needs to be dumbed down.

went surfing the other day onboard deducted the ing and added it to surf :)

please no sbi thanks anyway.

No SBI? Dang man, you sure? I'd love to send you one for contributing :)

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Yes, as i just comment only now, it annoyed me as would put me to the top of comment section in posts lol.

Just wanted to say something so you knew i listened in, thanks

For sure man...I understand. Thanks for the watch and the comment though :) Very much appreciated!

Hi #jongolson I keep saying this and that comes from the bottom of my heart - YOU are an inspiration and driving force at #ClickTrackProfit . Every Post you publish keeps motivating us to do more, probe more, understand each step and take ourselves to the next level. God Bless!

Appreciate that man, thanks!

You always have my support. Keep it going , boss :)

Thanks man!

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I agree completely! Onboarding should be done in much simpler away. Not all of us have computer degrees. LOL It would make it so much easier for new people especially. It's already daunting for someone when they first start using the platform and no matter how excited they are, the overwhelm of the lingo and terms that are above understanding will drive them away quickly. Now, if we can get past that hurdle and Steem were to fix this, things would be golden.

I have hope things will click eventually but, in the meantime, at least we have our CTP tribe, as well as Steem Savvy, to help people through the transition. As long as they want to dedicate some time to the learning curve, we can all work together to make this as painless as possible.

Great video as always, Jon, & always appreciate the rants!! ;)

Wow. Thanks for sharing this

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Thanks for commenting :)

You are warmly welcome my friend

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Well I have to admit that I do not remember how long my onboarding took for my primary account. My secondary account I purchased thru and was minutes to get and setup.