The Noob Night Cryptocast - Full Steem Ahead!

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Big news: Steemit Inc has stopped selling their Steem!!!

This is huge news and a fantastic development for the entire blockchain...Regardless of the price of this stuff, their company seems to be on the up and up...That's awesome!

Lots of fun things today and even a few rants....

Plus we're looking for YOUR HELP with 'buying and investing' in a new phone....

You'll have to watch the show to find out exactly what's going on ;)

Remember, we want to give you @SteemBasicIncome units for finding the word of the day PLUS including it in a comment below....

We want to reward YOUR engagement!

Thanks for hanging out with us this week :)

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

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Great news that has stopped selling steem! As for your phone and the 2fa I have the same problem as I will be getting a new I phone on black Friday. So I hope someone has the answer for you and the rest of us.

Look below... @reefe with the save!!!!

Great thanks

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Hey Jon This is a great video that might help with your Phone 2FA issue.

Hope this helps and I hope I posted in the right steem condenser.

Life saver!!!!!

Thanks man!!!

your most welcome Jon.

Steem iz growing and moving forward

Have steemit Inc announced this anywhere officially? First I am hearing of it. Great news for steem price if true

They had a post earlier today on @steemitblog

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it's a 2fer err 2fa

LOL Absolutely!

I heard the news also and i must say it is awesome to hear about. I hope it can continue like that for many months ahead

Word of the day. Was it PLUS? Lol. Thanks for another great post and info Jon.

It is pretty complicated for an average person to use Steem. I probably would have a hard time explaining it to my mom who's a senior citizen. But if one really wants to learn, it is possible. ^_^

I have had the same problems with the signing on with Steem Engine as well as a few other dapps. You're not doing anything wrong. I am thinking it's the blockchain trying to figure it out. I do hope, with that being said, Steem works on this issue as time goes on, because it can be overwhelming for new people who are learning what the keys are all about. A work in progress, I guess lol.

I saw you hustling that 2fa like a pro last night lolol. It sounds crazy but it is probably easier than it sounds. Here's wishing you luck! fingers crossed

And thank you for the shout out! I will be waiting for that elephant he he. They are right up there with the Unicorns ;) Great video!! :)

Hallelujah they stopped selling. Now maybe prices will stabilize

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I have been seeing this all over steem today. Not sure which is right "announced yesterday that they are halting programmatic selling for 1 month"


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Well I have not changed my cellphone number when I moved 8 months ago because I do use some TXT 2FA and do not use all the different apps enough to know where to turn it off for the transfer. Thank goodness for free long distance calling plan.

It's awesome news that Steeminc stopped selling their STEEM... I hope that it will show on price soon... It would be time to go in another way a little bit...

And regarding 2fa, I'm not buying the new phone because of the fear of 2fa :)

...and I'm so jealous of you guys about Steemfest... but I hope that you will have good fun there!

I see your the article
I just now know

A bit off topic, I saw that the big package of CTPM are not on the market anymore. Do you plan to sell them still? For the price stability of CTP, I believe it would be good if they stayed unstaked and didn't add to the volume of CTP for the moment.