The Road To 3000 CTP - Follow @Flaxz Get SBI!

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We're switching things up a little bit this week (and going forward...)

I thought it would be a good idea to not only highlight everyone's comments and questions every week...But also focus on individuals within the #CTPtalk community and tribe!

And this week, we HIGHLY recommend that you follow and check out @flaxz and all the awesome content he's been creating lately.

What a huge asset to the CTP Tribe and we're honored to have him onboard :)

And of course, we're still helping YOU reach 3000 CTP Power and building whales every week in our tribe...

If you comment below, we'll also reward you with a @SteemBasicIncome unit :)

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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Followed @flaxz. Had seen some of his stuff before, but had not followed.

Nice stuff. Especially liked the Build your List for Free :-)

Thanks @steemstreems, and thank you for signing up to my ebook and list, I just sent you an SBI unit, stay awesome.

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Absolutely...He's got some fantastic content and has really adopted this whole blockchain / affiliate marketing union we believe in :)

you're just awesome Jon, promoting other CTPers like this! I've been following Erik for a while now, and getting aboard some of his programs. You're right Jon, he's a huge asset.

Thanks Ian, and keep creating your great posts.

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Yeah I'll do more of it on the @clicktrackprofit account as well. Curation and member spotlights :)

Just follow @flaxz and checking her blogs for finding something. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome to hear man, thanks for contributing to this tribe and what we are trying to build :)

Thanks @hafizullah, and your videos are great, keep it up.

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Interesting the number of comments when the video does not work lol I am following @flaxz and up vote most of his posts. Have a great week all. Once the video is fixed I will edit this post with more comments. Kind of funny how many folks do not read the comments either lol

lol video works...just every now and again we need to kick it ;)

still will not lrun for me and I am not the only one

working for me, it's not on our end, so nothing i can do really.

Thank you Eric, I am glad you like my posts, have an awesome week.

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Been following @flaxz for awhile now :) I am on my road to 10,000. Broke the 5000 mark the other day :)


Thanks Bradley, and you are doing really great in CTPtalk, I like your posts.

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BAM!!! That's awesome man...Thank you so much for contributing and adding so much to CTP!

I have been following @flaxz since long (honestly don't remember since when) and must say that he is doing awesome work in Steem platform. His project @thisisawesome is great and I am part ot that too. Infact Yesterday I shared with my friends to support his project and they have done it. I like his dedication to steem and CTP as well.

You're doing great work @jongolson have a great weekend

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Thank you very much for those words @alokkumar121, and you are doing really great work as well, keep it up and stay awesome.

you too man. thank you so much for the support and comments.

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Our community is growing and we do have some awesome people... And @flaxz is surely one of them... Following him and his other account @thisisawesome for a while and all I can say is a GOOD JOB!

And it's a nice thing to stick out community members at the beginning of the show... When the work is appreciated by others, It helps to keep on creating and curating...

Thank you very much for those words @ph1102, and you are doing a really great job too, keep it up and stay awesome.

Yeah thought it would be a cool little bonus for the shows...Always need to highlight good people and their efforts :)

@flaxz I have been following him, I thank him for the support and teachings he has been offering for Venezuelans as I obtain new income without having to spend from our pocket. Thanks Erick continues like this.

that's awesome to hear and glad you are getting value from CTP!

Thanks @celi130, I am glad you like the ebook, and if you have questions just ask, stay awesome.

Well bummer, I somehow missed last weeks video. I have been following @flaxz and @thisisawesome for a while now and agree he posts great content.

Thank you very much, I am glad you like it.

No worries man, I sent ya an extra SBI regardless of the missed week ;)

Many Thanks.

@flaxz is a cool dude. I am happy to follow him and have been from the start of all this. He turns out some really great content.

Thanks Craig, I like your videos, they are great, stay awesome.

It's awesome to watch him grow and create some fantastic stuff here!

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This is great I really enjoy the posts @flaxs does I really enjoy his video series he has been doing

Tons of value and very useful content for everyone to learn from indeed!

Thank you very much @howyf2, there is more where that comes from, stay awesome.

just followed

Awesome sauce!

Still haven't payed much attention to this tribe, I confess; but will check it out, together with your new content creator! 😉👍

glad to have you :) Yeah we're flying under the radar...Building it slowly but surely.

Wow thank you so much for the feature @jongolson, it is very much appreciated, and the community here is really great, plus a lot of great content in the CTPtalk tribe, and I just made it past 7000 CTP too, I will try for 10000 before the end of the month.

Keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Awesome man. Yeah you are crushing it. It's the least I could do....You are adding a ton of value to people in this tribe!

Thanks a lot Jon.

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