The Noob Night Cryptocast - The Sea of Red Is Back!

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What a crazy thing this is!

If you are betting the farm on this stuff and expecting instant riches...Oh boy! Today wasn't pretty.

There was another big sell off and the markets took a huge dip....Even our beloved Steem got roasted and I saw it all the way down to 12 cents in some places....

It wasn't pretty!

But if you are in this stuff for the BIG future ahead and have a game plan for a long term strategy....Today is just another bump in the road. And for some, even an opportunity to buy more!


Bonus: Find the word of the day, stick it in a comment...And we'll send you a @SteemBasicIncome unit!

Let's keep growing this crazy little business we're all in.....

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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Thanks for a great video @jongolson, and yeah it's too bad that Bitcoin should dictate in what direction the other coins go, but unless they solve their scalability they will not go much higher than what they already have, the number of transactions are limited.

Steem on the other hand can handle way more transactions, and it's fast there is however a transition where it's correcting itself to it's utility, and with all new tokens on S-E that is changing to what you need for RC and as the main trading pair for these tokens, while the users are earning the majority of their rewards in these tokens, like CTP for example.

In the middle of all this we also have a shrinking active userbase, and the onboarding that is being done has to really take much more priority, and CTPtalk is making a really good job with that, despite the onboarding process being what it is.

As to the downvoting mob, I don't know where that will end, but also considering the Convergent Linear Rewards Curve that was part of HF21, plus the 50/50 split between authors and curators, new Steemians have a really hard time even getting a rewards payout in the first place, so if you also add downvoting into that mix it just means that in regards to these new Steemians then they won't even care if they earn any Steem at all, only if they earn any tokens.

But maybe Thailand can make the onboarding easier, thanks again for a great video it's awesome.

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Great show as always, a little dark in Richards car but other that great info. The price of steem for me is great as I can get more steem. It will go up not sure when but it will sometime. No steem fest in Thailand for me, not enough cash to spare for that trip. Maybe next year it will be closer.

Thanks man....Yeah if this stuff goes to 10 cents, I think you are going to see a LOT of purchases.

As Eric said, it's the great moment to accumulate more STEEM... And, yes, the price will eventually turn around.. maybe not tomorrow (loool), but it will.. I'm 100% sure...

Anyways, if you have funds for going to Thailand Jon, then, why do you even think about not going... :) And, you are not such a "small" fish as you think about yourself, and you have a lot to say about STEEM... So, why don't you use your voice and rub something in those whale faces in Thailand.. :)

Yeah I will more than likely end up going, but I need to decide soon LOL

Thank you for the great work

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Well Jon you should just go to Thailand and be the face of the little guy/gal. You seem to communicate with some of the larger Steemians, so why not face to face?

its a sale!!