LEO Moves 20190913

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Here's my official statement on the Great LEO Pump of 2019.

Yes, it was me. I ticked the 2 STEEM trade.

This is why you need to be in the discord, so you can front run my trades.


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  ·  last year (edited)

That was fun, man:)

I have recently bought around 10K LEO in last few days and 30K in last month in stealth mode. I had still 4K buy orders and will have 10K planned buy orders from another token exit which will now work as support at above 0.1 Steem. This sudden spike or pump has changed the game. I am super bullish on LEO. Reason, as you said, highest number of sinks and business plans to onboard investors and (investing) bloggers.

Stealth mode is the best mode! :)

I am realizing that I should convert more of my holdings to LEO

Thanks for sharing this (and thanks for the shoutout) - Leo discord is definitely the place to be - even if its just to lurk around sometimes, so much interesting chat going on there.

I wondered what happened to the price of LEO.
I need to hang out in discord more and listen to some more YouTube videos on thin markets.

Cheers for sharing this mate. I’m now lurking in the Discord haha.

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ded lol

  ·  last year (edited)

Lol .... nice move Neal .... great showcase basically, what can happen with such a thin sell orders.

Thanks for sharing this. Absolutely it a very lovely place and I believe sometimes I will be hanging on there. I will surely join the discord now. See you soon. @nealmcspadden

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