Use - It Is Stable And Works Perfectly

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My user experience on both LeoFinance and PeakD, which are the front ends that I most frequently use in addition to the mobile Ecency app, has been terrible. The latest problem is that I haven't been able to log in to PeakD with Hive keychain at all. I don't seem to be able to make a top-level post using any other front end but On LeoFinance, when I open a post, I can't see the comments. I have go to them by manually setting the URL to @user/post-permalink/replies. The developers probably know about the problems many users are having and are working hard to fix them. I appreciate your efforts. It's not easy to debug a website despite the best efforts of the Hive developers and yourself to ensure a smooth transition.

But while the other front ends are reeling, I'm happy to report that I've had zero problems using I'm hoping your experience is as positive as mine. While the rest of the front ends are being repaired, you can use

I think it goes without saying that any and all onboarding efforts are best given a pause during the current circumstances.

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I've been using dapplr and apart form the way notifications are set up I can't fault the app, its an absolute joy to use

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Thanks for the tip.

Funny, using Peakd and LeoFinance has been ok for the last 2 days for me. But used Ecency today and I got a lot of errors, maybe just a temporary problem for me.

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I have been changing nodes. Still a better experience with Ecency.