Why DYOR Should Be More Than A Crypto Concept

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Hey Jessresearchers

When I first got into crypto with BTC and later ETH I made money, and I was hooked. The altcoin burst came in 2016/17, and I went deep, I researched every project I could find, reading white papers, talking to people on telegram, discord and Reddit, reading medium articles and other independent blogs and trying to find as much information as I can on a project before investing in it.

Crypto gave me the tools to learn how to spot bullshit and how to pick out projects worth spending my time, money and energy in. It's a culture we all push on one another, BTC brings with it critical thinking; I've met tons of people in the crypto space, some smart but all very critical over what they are told and why they should believe something.

I think that culture is something we need to bring to the world at large, be sceptical and be willing to learn. I think it's lost on most people using web 2.0.


Accepting the messaging

As a marketer, I look at online data all the time, review patterns and trends and try to find ways to funnel users into places my clients require them to be and I know how easily people are manipulated online.

They do not question the messaging, as long as its personalised enough and tailored to their biases, they'll jump on it without a second thought. Its a principle social media sites have used to build their empires.

Learn to learn

Doing your own research, sharing your ideas, coming up with alternative approaches, debating with others is how we avoid pitfalls like scams and Ponzi, it brings with it critical thinking that I think not many are using today.

It's not a skill they teach us at school, school we taught to read everything and accept it verbatim, that idea is crystalised in our minds and taken with us through life, and the internet can exploit it for profit.

I would go as far as to say my crypto education over the past four years has given me more insight and taught me more than my degree or years of schooling!

Start DYOR!

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Do you do research or do you just take peoples word for it?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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I hate when I read something with an acronym hoping to know what it is but the author is so considerate to never mention it... NO. I did, however, figure it out myself by the end and did not even google it and no it was not because you started a sentence with it.

I do some research, but even so I never jump in and will always start in the baby pool. 1. because I need to pee 2.because I can always just leave and it no biggy before I dedicate myself to polo in the deep side.

If you don't DYOR you may not HODL for the right time and instead of BTD you see yourself get REKT because you FOMO'd

I remember there was so much promotion about bitconnect on youtube where people are claiming about the profit until reality sets in and many lost serious money. Doing our own research rather than being influence is wise.


That was horrible and really gave crypto a bad name for a while that's for sure, but if you're getting your crypto info from YouTubers, then I'm sorry you deserve to lose your money


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It is simply a question of judgment, common sense, and not have a gullible mind.

If common sense was common we wouldn't be in the shit show we're in lol


i'm terrible with research, i just follow concepts, but at least i'm here (-:

Well, at least you're aware of it, taking your time to calibrate your bullshit radar isn't an overnight thing

haha,,, no, it's taken 47 years thus far 😀

i'm just thankful we're finally in a cultural environment now where we can at least talk about ALL the problems with finance, military, police, lack of social investment, public health, etc ... i'm not going to let it go !

Great advice!

Learning to filter and process information is so important and yet all we teach in schools is read, write and remember!

Ah so true! Standard education gives only standard results. We are responsibile for our own continuous education. The learning process continues even after we finish school. That is the real education!


Aren't you a little miss fancy pants crypto girl, tipping in tokens, I am impressed on how quickly you catch on for a so called "crypto noob". could she just be pretending to make us all feel like we know more? hmmmmm

Hahahaha. No. I am a beginner next to you. You have Jedi level lol

P. S. I so wait for your ebook for crypto beginners. I will be your first reader😍

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One of the reasons why I don't just jump onboard every single trend that comes on. Lol. It took a lot of convincing and information before I gave hive a chance. Although there is still alot I am learning and so I have to be careful how I receive and interpret the information I get.

Spoken like a true skeptic 🤨 I like it, don’t take anything on face value even HIVE the moment we all become complacent and don’t question things is the moment we allow the system to fall apart

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