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Engagement. We have heard it over and over again. Engagement is crucial. If the platform wants to thrive, engagement is needed. Engagement is what creates bonds and user retention.


Making a meaningful comment on other people’s post can go a long way. Pro tip for newbies: Post a little, comment a lot.

But. One of the cons of the HF22/21, the curve and 50/50 split is that comment rewards are being hit. Let’s see how are comment rewards doing these days. Do people vote comments?

The period that we will be looking at is April 1 till April 14, 2020

The first two weeks for April. That period is also payed out, or out of the 7 days payout window.

Number of votes

Here is the chart for the number of votes on posts vs comments.


Not sure if you can see but there is a second column down there with a bit of grey color that is the number of votes on comment. Yes, barely visible.

A total of 1.94M votes were casted to post vs 19k votes to comments.

Or approximately 1% of the total votes. Not very encouraging for comments isn’t it?

Here is a close up on just the number of votes on comments.


As mentioned, a total of 19119 votes in a period of two weeks on comments. On average a 1360 votes on comment per day.

Comments Votes Value

Compared to posts the number of votes on comment are low. But what about the overall value. Are these votes more valuable than the vote on posts maybe?

Note: Here we will be looking only in authors rewards, or half the usual rewards that are showed up


Here again the comments rewards are barely visible against the post’s rewards. They are at the bottom with a bit of greyish color.

A total of 64k USD rewards on posts vs 1.1k USD rewards on comments.

Interesting enough this is almost 2% of the rewards. If you remember the number of votes on comments is 1% from the total.

The average vote value per post is 0.033 $ and the average vote value per comment is 0.06 $. Well that is one pro for comments 😊.

Here is a close up on just the rewards on comments.


A total of 1150 $ rewarded to commentators. As mentioned above these are just authors rewards, excluding curation. The average daily rewards are around 82$.

From a perspective of number of unique account rewarded, there is a total of 1902 accounts that received a comment upvote in the period, or 434 daily average. Compared to posts were there was 4646 accounts upvoted, or 1762 daily average.

Top 20 Comment Authors Rewards

Who are the authors that received the largest rewards on comments?

Here is the table.

RankAuthorRewards $

Comments are sometimes being used for autovoting and milking. As we can see from the table above these seems not to be the case on Hive. Steemcleaners/hivewathcers are on the top here as a support for their work.

The third account on the list is maybe the only exception for comments abusing, although not at some high amounts. Al the other accounts looks pretty legit, although the rewards are not high as well.

What can be concluded from the above is that the overall comment voting and comment rewards are low. Although compared to the specific vote value comment votes are higher. We know that the large portion of the voting is now automated, and the votes go to posts.

Should comments be reward more?

No wonder we have seen a lot of comment rewards tokens coming up lately, like beer, coffee, engage etc. The market seems to be working on filling in the gaps. Although sometimes these comment rewards bots can look like a spam, making it harder to find and read the actual comments. Would love to see much shorter comments from them and with smaller font size.

All the best

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Hey, @dalz.

I was among those who was upvoting comments on a regular basis before the EIP, then stopped completely because we were told the new curve would essentially obliterate it. Well, in the intervening months, and particularly since HIVE, I've been upvoting comments like I did before, simply because I've found the curve doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. There may be some, and it probably affects smaller accounts the most (I don't think I'm that big, but right now I'm a triple dolphin, which someone sitting at a small minnow or less will think is a whale), but the upvotes I do get are making it to payment, and the upvotes I give seem to be doing the same, as well. I know I get plenty of curation through it, which gives me an incentive.

Tokens are great. I've enjoyed using the ENGAGE token in the past and when it's up and running here, I'll probably do it again. But unless those tokens actually become worth something, I find it easier to just think in terms of HIVE.

As it is, on STEEM, the tokens were often exchanged for something else, probably STEEMP, and I don't see that trend happening any different on HIVE, with maybe a few exceptions. The ones with communities around them might be the ones who manage to maintain value through some form of mandatory staking. Otherwise, it's essentially the HIVE-Engine version of pump and dump we see in the broader crypto markets.

Hey @glenalbrethsen thanks for the comment!

Rewarding comments with the native HIVE token is great and I do think there is more space to grow there.
The thing is for comments to get larger reward, more votes than just from the author of the post are needed.

I do see an opportunity for communities to build more comments reward. A community account focused on comment voting can do better. This goes for the tokens as well.

Hey, @dalz.

I agree that more people should upvote comments more than just the author of the post. I think that does happen, but not nearly enough, and it tends to happen when the post is something about HIVE, especially if it's something deemed thought provoking or controversial.

But in any of those cases, it's less about engagement as it is about the content or slant of the comment. To me, engagement is more than just one comment and drop the mic. It's about what ensues after that. I'm not sure how we reward or incentivize that beyond those who might be involved in it. You rarely see, if the conversation does carry on beyond one or two replies by either party, the next four or five replies be rewarded, simply because, at that point, it seems like overkill, even though it's possible good points and counter points are still being made.

I think we're constantly being hit with the value ratio as far a content is concerned, and post content has always been king. Even in the newly formed AskHIve community, where the post can range from a one sentence to a much larger multi-part question, a post can get much larger upvotes, while the comments it's soliciting and trying to increase don't get rewarded much at all, if any.

So, I don't know. I tend to give a minimum vote just for initially engaging, and then increase the vote based on the content, so what I consider to be the better or more engaging comments end up at the top.

Then, I don't expect anything in return. It's worked out great that way. I'm doing what I feel is best for me, the commenter and ultimately, the whole HIVE platform, and then if it ends up being reciprocated, it's a little extra bonus. Win-win. :)

Well basically all the new ideas, innovation or just the right conclusions, comes from discussion and going back and forth between the two sides. You need a sparing partner to be able to reach out from your point of view and think is some new way. At least for me it works that way :)
I get a lot of inspiration from other people comments.

Comments need to be rewarded!!! because they are the best expression of engagement, social interacting and also the way to create better networking!
Also at the marketing level, commenting is part of our offer to the world, people can be better commentators than content creators.
Abusers are anyway, the only we have to do is to fight against them... and we have downvotes to do so.

I am i favour of flattening the CURVE!

Yep .... the curve has done bigger damage to low votes than the 50/50

Personally I wish the curve gone. I do give out comments only because I can. Most can't and I understand that.

Only the author voting on comments in most cases looks like its not enough.

Maybe we need a community account for comments voting. Something like Curie or the other curation projects exclusive for comments voting?

That wouldn't be bad.
It would not implement any permanent change in the network (as for now),
Would be funded by the community (by voting on this account posts/comments and by delegations).

The crucial thing, how to distinguish between comments and bible spam posts and etc.

Manual curation :)

I always believed that comments should be rewarded more.
We have a skateboarding community on Hive called @skatehive and our curation account upvotes each thoughtful comment under a #skatehive post with $0.03-0.05.
Also one lucky commenter every day gets a 100% upvote (around $0.45) for their comment at a community post.

The results are great.
I haven't seen that much engagement in our community for months.

Well that is encouraging. I would love to see more communities using this approach and focused on comment rewarding.

It is very encouraging, especially for new users!
Thanks for the graphs man.
Really usefull

I made it onto the list! I do try to give out votes to good comments on my posts even though in runs down my VP. I do pretty well from comments myself and there are some accounts who will give you a good vote for comments, so make the most of it. You just need to be sincere. Those who fish for votes with pointless comments will not get far.

Yep ... fishing for comment votes is obvious :)

I already mentioned here that maybe some sort of community project for comment voting will make things a bit better. Curie, OCD, etc ... for comment voting .

Great post. I do my best to upvote comments using my LEO, at a minimum, the comments on my posts.

This is a great topic and hopefully come of the other tokens fill in the gap.

Posted via Steemleo

Yep tokens come handy :)

Is anyone else having trouble getting comments to load? Node errors, using steampeak.

Glad curating comments and quality posts seems to be the cool thing to do on Hive lately.

I strongly believe in good Engagement and have used tokens to reward good comments. ENGAGE is a favorite of mine, and in the past I have awarded Comment Coin on the comments made on my posts. CC is working to make @CommentCoin's available on Hive, and I will be using them again!

Great to hear more comment tokens coming ... as we can see we need them :)

I have always believed in upvoting comments. It's what gets more engagement when people feel valued, and get a little vote for taking the time to write one.

But if you are looking just for rewards for commenting, I think it defeats the purpose.

Tricky thing with HIVE. So I just operate like, if you come to my blog, the least I can do is respond to you and give you a little upvote :)

Heh ... like is this a sincere or a comment for vote ... I think in most of the cases its easy to tell :)

ha ha ha ha Nah nah, sincere always. lol

A lot of the lack of comment voting I think is due to the price. I know I have gotten to the point where I can vote a comment now but my vote value % has to be over 85% and then I still have to cast a 75% vote to make a 0.02 vote that will not get dusted.

I am hoping in some future hard fork we can see an automatic lowering of the dust vote level when the price is below $0.75 for HIVE, a lowering to $0.010 would be nice then I think the votes on comments would increase during the thin times.

Right now it is just to difficult to justify a lot of comment voting for myself. I can vote on a post and reward the author and also build their and my account, or I can vote on a comment have it dusted out of existence and reward neither the author or myself, and grow neither account. A trade off, as my account grows for me this will become no issue at all. Right now I am up to 3700 HP, and that level of stake only makes for a $0.013 vote at 50% on the vote slider, I need to slide all the way to 75% to reach the dust level of $0.020. (all based on current values and vote mana available)

Haven't really thought about the dust level. I was thinking its connected to the amount of HIVE and not the $ value. If it is 0.02$ then I have been giving out A LOT of dust votes :). I vote on my comments no matter the value ... almost like a worthless twitter like.

I just see that no matter the reason people are here, whether for the money side or the social side, we all want to grow our account. I myself would love to vote on more comments, but I also want to grow my account and not just burn tokens, I don't have enough tokens to burn. But with the price increase, and HBD value approaching the $1.00 level, HIVE being picked up on a few more exchanges, it may not take long before I am finally at a $0.020 vote value at 50% vote slider.

One thing that is nice is I do feel that commenting is picking up some.

no matter the reason people are here, whether for the money side or the social side

Some nice balance between the two of them. Everyone wants to grow their account in financially.

I've only recently come over to HIVE after being away from Steemit for some time. There hasn't been much engagement to report from the feed that carried over. Nor is there much as I begin to follow peeps and join communities. There have been a couple of posts that did well.

Thanks for showing the numbers. It gives me a theme to write about today. 👍

Welcome back .... and enjoy the ride.

Great article! I love reading your posts.

I would also like to ask question about comments and voting in general:
Before the fork, on steem, I read that rewards bellow $0.02 will not be paid of. That quite concerns me because my vote alone is not enough yet.
For this reason I was avoiding voting on comments most of the time, despite I would like to, fearing it will be wasted voting power.
Is this correct and does this work same on HIVE? If yes can you potentially advice something how to deal with that until I reach point where my vote is strong enough?


There was a limit bellow rewards were ignored like dust payouts. I'm not sure where exactly that limit is but I think 0.02 is still high and its payed out. Not totally sure on this one.

Well HIVE went up so my voting power should be enough. Upvoting one comment with 100%, one with 20% and one with 5%

Let's find out where limit is if any.

I vote the odd comment, but mostly forget with my main account, and token accounts at present.

If you do something like this again, which I do think is valuable cheers!, I would do a chart without steemcleaners and hivewatchers as they skew the figures quite a lot.

Nice one!

Thanks Asher.

I would do a chart without steemcleaners and hivewatchers as they skew the figures quite a lot

Yea obviously they do as they are around 30% of the total comment rewards. I will probably come back to this analysis again, and try to make more comparisons, maybe even with some numbers before HF21/22 :)

Should comments be reward more?

I often upvote comments ... and that's why.

NIce :)

Hello! I usually write, about what you said in your post, in Italian Communities. Majority of users doesn't read comments but just posts. Only user that reads all comments of a post is the author (in better cases).
This is a big problem and I hope it will be solved soon, but we all have to change our abits..

Hoppe so :)

I personally reward every comment I receive with a minimum 10% upvote and more based on how good and engaging the comment is. I'm thinking of increasing this too 20% minimum as I'm struggling to keep my vote mana from capping at 100%

Oh hey, I'm one of those 19K comment upvoters.


Interesting post. I have read and voted for you. hopefully a new start for the hive blog.

Well thanks!

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 6/18)

I always tried to tip comments up until they started turning to dust then I bought some engagement tokens to at least give something back. I really hope they come to Hive.
Comments are the only way we know that we are not just talking to ourselves as we post and I do find it unfortunate that as a side effect of the new curve it has reduced the most social aspect of steem/ Hive. This really needs to be fixed if Hive is to thrive.
I even have a post live now where I am offering 5 Hive for comments and still after two days no takers.

Ha you need to put that reward in the title :)

Peakd just implemented a tipping box so it will be even easier now to tip. This may improve the comments rewarding as well.

I probably should have put it in the title but it was also a test to see who is reading. The new tip function is great I wonder could it be extended to comments?


Cool, Thanks for the tip and the tip. Here's another tip.

you need to go to the replies menu from profile and tips are available there

Comments need to be rewarded. What else incentive could allure anyone into engagement? Friendship, networking? Really? No one thinks about that primarily. It is a secondary thought for the most part. Most.
I know how crucial engagement is. Both as a content creator and consumer. My first few months on steem were just engagement centered. Gave me the biggest boost and I got to learn so muc, made so many friends and developed a lot.
I recommend it to every new user.
But, finding posts, consuming them, leaving meaningful comments just for the sake of engagement or the chance to create a network or brand instead of upvotes? Doesn't sound very yummy.
Hopefully, we will see engagement rise. That graph is really embarrassing and I agree I am a part of the problem, too.