The Reality of an Entrepreneur; What you are never told on magazines and interviews.

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Sitting and reading Forbes magazine while you read the net worth and life experience of an entrepreneur, you are very excited. Reading biographies of billionaire entrepreneurs or watching an interview about their stories can be very interesting which often want to give you a reason to become an entrepreneur as well. Maybe you aren’t always listening to the success stories, maybe they discuss a few things about how the business started and they had to handle a few challenges and overcome. You know what, success stories are always interesting because the hard work and challenge stories can’t be said deeply.


The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is the ability to manage business and personal life together. For employee, their work in a company or an organization is just a job but for entrepreneurs, the work in their company is their life, their prestige, their investment, their purpose and their business.

One truth you need to know about becoming an entrepreneur is that in reality, starting up really sucks. When working as an employee, getting paid your salary is your reward which you expect at a particular date of your agreement but for an entrepreneur, it is entirely different. Starting a business can be the most discouraging thing for entrepreneurs as they have to think about how to get money to care for the family both extended and nuclear who are demanding that you close your business and get a good job so they can have good meals and dress properly.

No matter the level of business education an entrepreneur has, being a struggling startup, is not exciting. There is nothing fun about starting a business with people do not buy from you. I do not know if you count failing as fun but to me, there is nothing fun about putting your entire savings into a business and run it for a few years and fail. There is no fun about an entrepreneur not knowing how to get funds to pay salaries of employees who are actually doing you a favor working for you even when you are paying below the minimum wage. There is nothing fun about paying tax when you are not satisfied with the income you are getting.


Before you leave Your Job

If you have a job but have been thinking about becoming an entrepreneur because you have a nagging boss, or you want to be your own boss, you want to wake up when you feel, then let me spill the bean here “Please stick to your job”. As an entrepreneur, the odds are never in your favor, you are not likely to succeed in fact if you start 10 businesses you are likely to fail in nine, motivational speaking won’t perform much wonders and most times you cry it won’t change anything. Just like cryptocurrency where there is a disclaimer that says you can lose all your funds so is being an entrepreneur, you can lose all your money in one business. As an entrepreneur, you will be sacrificing so much than you thought, your time, energy, health, relationship and even your money.

Being an entrepreneur requires being strong willed, purposeful, self-motivating. Forget what you read in magazines and watch in some interviews when entrepreneurs tell you they enjoyed starting in the beginning. There is nothing fun or interesting about being a start-up entrepreneur, it is hard work and hard reality.

I am glad you liked my post, thanks for reading. Please share your thoughts about what you think about being an entrepreneur. I will appreciate your votes, comments, and resteem on this post.

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Dear @ben-edom

It really seem that most people have very "fake" imagine of being entrepreneur. Perhaps it's because instagramers and youtubers made it all look like a dream - working for ourselfs, far from corporations, enjoying life, working very little etc.

Reality is very different. Being an entrepreneur is more often than not constant struggle. We surely have flexible working hours and we may not have boss telling us what to do (instead we've clients who do similar job).

The problem is, that many of thos success stories are nothing but a lie. I've encoungered so many people who believe that in order to be succesful they need to build and spread image of being succesful. Which is complete BS.

Enjoy your weekend. Upvoted already
Yours, Piotr

@tipu curate

Having online bloggers, Youtubers and the likes have made people think it is an easy task to be an entrepreneur.

The problem is, that many of thos success stories are nothing but a lie. I've encoungered so many people who believe that in order to be succesful they need to build and spread image of being succesful. Which is complete BS.

To be sincere i never knew this also exist for real business owners, i thought only Instagram celebrities as well as YouTube vlogger do this.

Thanks for sharing this amazing comment.

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I actually learnt a lot from your post even though I am also aspiring to be an entrepreneur but it seems I will have to do some rethink and plan ahead for some things.

But I would love to ask if every successful entrepreneurs actually go through this phase?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕❤️

Thanks for the tip

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Solid read @ben-edom

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I sat down to watch interviews with successful business owners, i realise that stories about their failures and how it happened aren't really emphasized rather stories about how much their businesses have made and the new contract they signed is what they talk about. I call that interview advertising and this is what most employees see and want to become business owners.

Thanks for shedding more light into a proper entrepreneur's life.

Thanks for reading. I am glad you liked it

Thanks for sharing this and we all need a bit of realism sometimes as you are quite right, it is a hard slog. I always tell people that "dreams are for free". We can always dream about what we can achieve but making the dream real takes hard work, some disappointments and a lot of commitment.

However, we shouldn't stop dreaming, as with dedication, we can move in the right direction (some times we need a bit of luck too).

Dreams are always big but achieving them might be very uncomfortable. Looking at the life of a business person brings different dreams about becoming one and how many lives will be changed by your actions but unfortunately it doesn't work as planned. It is entirely different in reality

In all honesty I Feel a whole of people have not been able to finance their dream of being an entrepreneur because like it or not it's more difficult than people feel it is. I've not had a cause to be an entrepreneur but I'm planning on it soon and I know it'll be difficult. Beautiful read here

It is true that finance might be a vital factor but also is business administration. The ability to grow a business is key and that is the difficult of it all.

Sometimes I feel entrepreneurs take too much risk and I just like to hide my pretty head.

Haha... not everyone can be an entrepreneur. You can do more as an employee as well.

It is usually more difficult than what is described on social media's and televisions, I must say that entrepreneurship is for the brave and strong hearted.

Sounds like one of those ugly truths that most times we don't like to have to look at.

I am not an entrepreneur nor do I have a franchise, my knowledge of this comes from colleagues who if they decided to be franchisees and by alumni who decided to do digital entrepreneurship, in both cases they have encountered challenges that were not expected and what the Most of the interviews and motivational videos did not speak to them, for them it was hard and they fell like a cold water bath.

In any case, if despite the warnings, someone decides to undertake, already knowing that things are going to demand an even harder job than any that they had before, because in that case, I usually wish them the best and that the The success they are looking for smiles at them.

The truth is we all want to make a difference in our world and the mistake most people make is they believe they have to be a business person before they can make a difference or make impact.

Being an entrepreneur is a very difficult thing and most of the magazines never ask the successful ones to tell their bitter stories.

You made me remember something I heard on a television program, I think it was in a chapter of "hell kitchen", it was that of every 10 restaurants that open, 8 close their doors during the first year ...

That surprised me, but when I was talking to a friend later, he told me that in the case of entrepreneurs the accounts could be worse, many fail and they will not go out in magazines or interviews, after all, the tragic stories of those issues do not They are as marketable as those of those who succeeded.

Still, there are those who want to do something because they like the idea of doing it, they want to share their passion, in such cases, they usually face defeat as an apprenticeship, I have to admit that they are quite strong people, or at least I consider them stronger that I.

It is not a news that a lot of businesses close down but as you said, it is not good for marketing (who wants to invest in a failures business). Thank you so much for spending time on my post.

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