Sometimes We Have No Plan B...

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The year is 1999...And I clicked on one of 'those' banners...

Punch the Monkey maybe, but the banner said 'You can make money with your computer' or something along those lines...And I was hooked!

Over the next decade and a half, I dedicated my life to learning everything I could about building businesses online. Affiliate marketing, email marketing, sales, branding, and eventually learning about blockchains...I couldn't get enough. And yeah success followed as well. Maybe it was being at the right place at the right time in history, but whatever it was...I won a lot!

Every product I launched was a success, and nothing could stop me.

My ego was massive...(And my downfall...)

So along came PayPal and as they started shutting down affiliate marketing account after account, my company eventually got the slap.

We lost everything. Our industry, our revenue and our customers...

As easy as it was to blame PayPal for their ignorance towards the industry, you could almost understand their position (kinda lol). They had to deal with a ton of chargebacks, mostly because the shady marketers in our industry promised people the world..And rarely delivered.

But this post is about more than just, a massive shake up in the affiliate marketing industry...

You see...As much success as I found...I never had a plan B.

Here's a high school drop out, who started 'marketing online' after clicking a banner in 1999...I was 22 years old at the time.

I got a few courses under my belt in community college but found success at such an early age. It was my career to this day...

Success never prepares you for what comes with it...A major bump in the road!

So here I am now, at 42 years of age...Literally rebuilding my life with 20 years of experience in nothing but...Building online businesses.

This is what scares me the most about my current situation though...

I'm more excited now for the future than I have ever been in my 20 year career.

Weird huh?

I lost pretty much everything but have been able to rebuild ClickTrackProfit exactly how I envisioned it.

The union I keep talking about is RIGHT THERE in front of us, and Steem / CTPtalk will play a big role in my company's growth.

I'm able to work with amazing customers and members every day and focus 10000% on what I love!

And all it took was the destruction of my old businesses LOL

This is what I mean when I say I have no 'Plan B'.

I'm an entrepreneur!

I'm focused on building businesses that I want and that will help so many people discover their potential with affiliate marketing.

Hey, I'm not saying you shouldn't make plans just in case it all goes belly up. God knows I wish I had some plans in place...However I'll never stop building. And I'll never want my path to be without bumps ever again.

It's part of being an entrepreneur. It's part of our journey of taking an idea...And making it reality!

Nothing is guaranteed in this business...Except, you always get a chance to step up again and take a swing at the ball.

Here's hoping, the next at bat is a home run :)


The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

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I actually found that not having a plan B is great when starting out with a business, as it keeps you focussed on this project even throughout the hard times instead of jumping on the next train immediately.

The hard part, though, is to find the right time to diversify to make it all more robust...

In any case, the most important is to have a good time along the way.

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agreed. keeps you very focused and won’t just give up when things hit a wall.

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Your story is inspiring, Jon! Thank you for sharing it! ^_^

Thanks so much for the kind words!

I have experienced both paths... Having a Plan B and not having it...

  • If you don't have a Plan B, then you focus on the main plan is 100% and you can push with all your energy, without distraction... The bad thing is if your Plan A fails, you are left empty-handed...
  • If you do have Plan B, you are doing the Plan A more relaxed, without pressure, and that can be actually a good thing... When I was doing one of my businesses like that in the past, I have the best results... But, on the other side, you can go in "too relaxed" area and ruin your work...

In conclusion... We have to do somewhere in the middle... :)

Yeah I made massive mistakes in my life and career, but I'm way too stubborn to quit lol

Quitting is not an option... ever... :) or never? :)

Well, I know the feeling, I have rebuilt my life one to many times and I don't think I am done yet!

But one thing is for sure, I am glad you came back and I am along for the ride!


It's how many times we pick ourselves up right? ;)

I always think there's a plan B. We live and we give everything to always have a plan B. There are many defeats, but we get up again. This hope CTP is Plan B. Maybe it's Plan A?

Oh it's most definitely a Plan A :)

hey, I have some questions about the CTPM. I bought one today and stacked, how does it work? How many CTP do I get from the miner? do I have to do anything for it? or do I just have to stack in and wait?

I know, it does not really belong to your block here but I think, after I have looked at your profile a little closer, you can certainly help me there :-)

  ·  last year (edited)

Yup, stake it and sit on it :) It's done randomly and no guarantee of amount, but you will start 'mining' CTP tokens going forward as long as you keep it staked.

And for sure, if you have any questions...Please let me know!

can i understand that it is like a lottery? So for example 1000 people, get 50 people x CTP?
Can you explain that to me, please?

Thanks for sharing that amazing journey with us @jongolson, and I wish the next 20 years will be even more successful than the first, and without that hiccup of a downfall, keep up your great work and stay awesome.

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Thanks man!!

Thanks @jongolson, and thank you for your awesome work.

thank you for sharing your journey to success

Oh I'm still on the Thanks for the comments!

know how you feel Jon. for myself, having my old PC die on me over 3 years ago, then not being able to use my brother's one other than gaming (for the most part, gaming how boring!!), taken me a while to get back up to speed. back then, Bit was that piece missing off Apple. not now, all the big money's going on crypto, especially now fund managers are investing. you made the right choice Jon, and thank you very much for getting me here too!!

Adoption is still a ways away....But it's coming :)

Hi, when did you last use your $trendotoken ?
Enjoy this tip!
I know, is perhaps down somewhere as plan W :-)

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Thanks for sharing that inspiring journey @jongolson, and as to plan B, we can always make one if the need occurs but while building we need to focus and that is best done with just plan A, stay Awesome

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When I started this internet marketing thingy back in the last century, I dreamed of being where I am now. Consequently, there is no quitting. I cannot see going back to where I started. Even if I fail, I am further along than I would be if I never started.

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