The battle of the FOMO

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What a crazy few days... Yesterday (Sunday) we had this super big dump on BTC which then also caused a huge crashed on all the other alt coins.

This caused a Lot of people who were anticipating a large pump to get liquidated in their long position.


And then today !! We have this really huge spike where those who were now thinking it's a downtrend market would have started their shorts and would also get liquidated !!

Talk about a double whammy... Of course markets who are dealing in futures like Binance, Bitmex, OKEx and lots more were profiting from people just getting rekt.

Some traders were smart or lucky enough to be in the right direction and made a killing on these huge swings.

This was shared to me by a buddy who anticipated a short and got in early before the major crash.


I think this has been one of the highest ROE I've seen to date.

With the halving coming up in a few hours, I'm sure their would be more crazy swings and let's see if this would bring us up to a new All Time High... Orrrr a total dump making it to a new all time low.

Regardless... Trade safe and Holding your crypto is also considered part of a good strategy. The choice is yours.

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Wow. The market seems quite turbulent. I haven't been trading for a while now. But all the best to all traders

thx buddy ... yea trading is not too bad .. but futures ... man .. can make or break within minutes especially with the price swing these days

Sakit jantung. Lol

Don't chase the price bro.. Just hold or just dollar cost down

Ya bro. Learned the lesson. Now slowly how to stay or go