Retro Film Review: Wayne's World 2 (1993)

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(Note: Capsule version of the review is available here.)

Spielberg, Mallick and Benigni actually didn't have to bother. The acronym "WW2" won't lose the original meaning to the new generations of moviegoers.

That is one of the conclusions that the critical viewer might draw from Wayne’s World 2, 1993 film directed by Stephen Surjik, sequel to the popular 1991 comedy. The original was, like some other comedies, based on sketch used in Saturday Night Live television show. Although it didn't reach the cult status of Blues Brothers, that light hearted comedy, directed by talented Penelope Spheeris, provided enough laughs and entertaining pop culture references to became pop culture phenomenon itself (some of the words and phrases used by characters of Wayne and Garth entered the peoples' vocabulary). Two years later, when inevitable sequel came, times changed. Spheeris was out of picture, and Myers, main star and creator of the main character, had to cope with less talented Surjik.

This parody, like so many that used to be made in Hollywood in those times, has hardly a noticeable plot. The characters are same - Wayne (played by Myers) and Garth (played by Dana Carvey) are two headbangers who live in suburban Chicago and broadcast their show out of basement in Wayne's home (in this film, the studio has moved to abandoned doll factory). While Wayne's girlfriend Cassandra (played by Tia Carrere) is being wooed by sleazy producer Bobby (played by Christpher Walken) to go to California, Wayne sees the vision that would convince him to organise Woodstock-like concert in his home town. These storylines serve as a weak fundament to series of gags, referencing popular films, television shows and, in the end credits, even certain obscure 1970s commercial. Unfortunately for Myers and all the people involved, some of those gags work, and some don't. Same concepts that looked refreshing and entertaining two years earlier, seem boring and repetitive now. Fortunately, film provides few laughs and hour and half spent in front of the screen doesn't look a total waste of time.

RATING: 4/10 (+)

(Note: The text in its original form was posted in Usenet newsgroup on May 23rd 1999)


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Apologies. I have put it by mistake. Now it's removed.