Simple Coleslaw without Mayonaisse

in food •  last year 

During the summer months, it is nice to eat coleslaw without worrying about mayonaisse causing the coleslaw to spoil in the heat. I made a delicious coleslaw using only five ingredients. Cabbage, sweet onion, carrots, blood orange olive oil and pear flavored white balsamic vinegar.


The olive oil and vinegar were purchased in Napa Valley, CA earlier this year. They have such a wonderful flavor on salads that I didn't need any additional spices on this coleslaw.


If you don't have these particular oil and vinegar combinations, olive oil and lemon juice, or olive oil and pomegranate balsamic vinegar taste just as good.

Bon Appetit!


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There are thousands of people using Steem and some are up on every single new update and others are casual bloggers. Steem Leo has been around for two days. It's to be expected that some people are not going to know what's going on, but we don't want to just straight to attacking people and accusing them of abuse.

You could have just as easily explained what the site is about and been helpful instead of creating a bad user experience for new users by attacking them. I want all these new communities to grow and do well, this is not the way.

I was and am being helpful by letting everyone know because no one has done that yet, and I really hope more people do . Also I never did attack you its more like you are the attacker to me . Here is the steemleo intro post sense you missed it :
You should be glad it was little old me, notifying you and not someone with a big wallet that will flag you into the ground. Or someone like @neoxian that really dislikes tag abusers , here is what he said in his post on Steemleo yesterday: ". If you are not smart enough to tag your posts correctly, then I'll unfollow you at the very least, possibly flag you, and I'm sure the forum owners will flag you with a massive flagging account."
see his posting here: .

This is the last time I am replying to your abusive comments as I was only trying to help you before you really get flagged! , have a nice day.

Steemleo is new to me and I was not aware that it was "specifically " for investment posts only. My post is not an "abuse" of Steemleo. I thought that it was just another front end like Palnet, Steempeak, Steemit, etc. I will refrain from using the steemleo tag in my posts that are not about investing, and I would suggest that you change your "tone" to other producers of content until the word gets around. I post every day and I have no need or desire to be a part of any community that is not welcoming. Take care.

You take care as well! Steemleo was new to me as well but I actually took the time to read what it was about before I just started posting there in order to try and get free tokens. Just a heads up that Splintertalk is another one that you can only post about Splinterlands content before you start posting there as well. Best of luck to you moving forward. hopefully the word will get around faster with my post about it as we are having a hard time even finding posts about investing. 🙋

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