These 7 Brilliant Games Are Turning Hive Into A Powerhouse

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Dear Hivers,

There are games. And then, there are brilliant games. Hive has several of them. In fact, as I explore the gaming industry, I am convinced we have an untapped opportunity — available for anyone willing to innovate, gamify, and consistently invest time and effort.

That is why big players are entering the blockchain industry.


For example: Zynga is a 7 billion dollar gaming company. Now the co-founder has been silently working since the last 18 months. His team is moving away from traditional games. They are, in fact, building a decentralized gaming platform. It is a proof of future.

Plus, if we were to look at some of the stats, you can see the gaming industry is unstoppable:


Even if a droplet of those numbers walk into the blockchain ocean, we will witness surreal joy from investors, founders, and the entire crypto community. Deep down, we also hope and wish games built on the Hive chain will lead the race.

As a matter of fact, on Hive, we have several brilliant games racing to the top. We also have a few alpha games and few more launching soon. So I thought I will explore and share these games.

Here are the 7 games that are redefining the Hive blockchain — and adding massive value:


#1: Splinterlands

It took one year for Splinterlands to rally to the top. Today, Splinterlands is the number one dapp in the entire blockchain industry — that’s right. Number one.

Splinterlands is a digital card collectible game. It migrated to the Hive blockchain on June 1st. As always, the game data is stored on the Hive blockchain.

Objective: You collect cards — and fight battles.


Additional link: Check out the 7-minute video tutorial

#2: dCity

Ever wanted to build your own city? You should check out dCity. You will be buying cards to populate your city. And then you will start to manage and optimise it.

It offers a complex yet relaxing gameplay. Your city will also earn you income every single day — in Hive and SIM tokens.


Additional links: dCity info / Beginner’s tutorial

#3: Crypto Brew Master

In alpha 1.0, Crypto Brew Master is another digital card game with eye-catching graphics. As the name suggests, you will be developing your own brewery and designing your own recipe. The game offers strategies, training, and even the opportunity to earn.


Additional link: Get started with Crypto Brew Master


EXODE is a space game. It feels like a space colonization adventure takes place in the future. As it is in Alpha, there is a lot of hype around it.

From the website: Players are tasked with an exceptional mission: to take some of the last survivors on their starships, escape to unknown unknown destinations, colonize new planets and prevent the extinction of mankind.


Additional links: EXODE roadmap / Setup

#5: Rising Star Game

If you would like to live a life of a virtual star, then the Rising Star game is for you. Don’t let the simple website design fool you. Rising Star is actually focussed on redesigning the life of a musician. You (musician) work your way up.

There is also an in-game radio that features music from independent artists on Hive. Any artist can submit their music. In fact, it is a great way to reach out to more people.


Additional links: Review 1 | Review 2

#6: Holy Bread

Holybread is a RPG game where you don't have to be actively engaged. The mission is simple. You select your heroes who will fight in an arena.

You also level them up — and along the way earn gold and bread. Again, these heroes can be upgraded with various items.


Additional link: Holybread tutorial + review

#7: Mix of all

For the 7th game, I actually wish to mention a couple of them. Because I was looking for more games, I found a lot more than I expected.

For example: There’s Dominuus where you fight together and against other Hive users. You simply have to pick a color. I found this simple and interesting.

And then, let’s not forgot the gambling games. One of them is Krypto Gamers — really clean design. Similarly, you also have Hive Roller — another Hive dice game.


EpicDice is also another decentralized dice game offering a refined gambling experience. It has a simple betting system. They recently moved to Hive Engine.

Moving away from gambling, check out Piggericks. It is another Hive-based game that will go live on July 15th. Supposed to be the “funnest game on the blockchain” —funnest sounds fun because you will be tossing pigs. I wish to definitely try it out.

I am also exploring IBT Survival Island game (only demo out). It is a survival game which is in the works since the last 8 months. The developer has been sharing weekly update on the progress. Again, another potential game.


That's quite a list, right? So many games! In fact, content and games on Hive are a killer combination. It almost feels like watching a flying plane. When you do, you start to hear the noise and see those wings — those wings are important. They are the backbone of the plane. Without which, there is no support.

Even Hive’s plane is supported by two wings. One if the content wing — and the other is the gaming wing. Both the wings are important. It holds the plane together.


So while some of us are publishing content — curating — and enjoying time reading… the other wing is busy developing, attracting, and smashing the charts.

This other gaming wing is also taking the blockchain to the destination of mass adoption. It will take time — time to land. But the good news is, we can make it happen. Together, we can try out these games and recommend them to others. Together, we can pick one game and explore our heart out.

In fact, if you haven’t played any of these Hive games yet, then consider investing a couple of hours. One thing to note: Each game has a learning curve. I am navigating my way through these games as well. It takes time to learn but it is certainly fascinating.

Fascinating because these are not your highly-graphical action-packed games. These games are built differently with a goal. The goal is to make gamers the investors. This is important as you are playing to earn — and not simply playing the game anymore.



Quite a long post, right?

The bottomline is simple: There are a burst of new projects appearing on Hive. The diversity and learning curve will appeal to the intellectual audience. It will also offer opportunity for many gamers to turn into investors.

Looking at everything, fair to say that Hive is truly impacting the gaming landscape in a whole new way. This rising number makes it pretty clear.

As usual, with time, we will witness these games changing and evolving. I am personally excited to see them reach certain levels of growth. Growth which Splinterlands is witnessing this year.

Over to you:

Have you played any games yet? Which one do you like? Any reason why? Whatever it is, let me know in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.


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Thank you for the inclusion. Hive is a joy to develop on and the fact that there are no fees for trading on Hive Engine makes Hive a hidden powerhouse for games! Where else can you buy and sell tokens without having to calculate the spread to make sure you have covered the fees? Now we just need the world to know!

I truly appreciate your involvement. Takes effort to make games. Thanks for your help as well. Good times!


I have said it before and I'll say it again Sid. Your post are awesome! I am not a fan of these games (haven't tried them out) but this post is really tempting me to try them out

Thank you so much. I always appreciate your ongoing support. Means a lot.

And try 1-2 game. Some of them don't consume your time, you know.

Lol😊yea sure, I'll keep that in mind

I am stupidly excited for eXode. Kind of creepily obsessed atm to be honest. Sweet, sweet anticipation...

Thats because is the most promising game so far, I've played Splinterlands since the beggining and wasn't like the half of complex and promising than eXode, the cards art and the concept is much more elaborated.

Oh. I purchased the booster pack without really knowing what was I doing. The community has been super-helpful. Waiting for the next update..

Yeah the Community there is great. The next update it a big one for sure.

The founder is a great guy. I am waiting to see how it pans out. Not the smartest gamer on this planet. Let's see.

  ·  last month (edited)

I've been trying to support all the games showing up:

I have Splinterlands, dCity, Piggericks, I've used all the gambling sites. I'll be checking out Exode, Rising Star, Crypto Brew Master, and HolyBread now.

Excellent write-up!

So glad to see you. I am surprised you gamble. I don't use those gambling sites often.

Excellent write-up!

Thank you! All the effort worth it.

  ·  last month (edited)

So glad to see you. I am surprised you gamble. I don't use those gambling sites often.

Steem/Hive is what created my gambling habit ( I suck at it FYI ) haha ... I'm currently trying HolyBread now...

edit: I just battled you and won

Battled me where? I missed your comment. Holybread?

Dcity for me👍

dCity gang here. Haha! @Gerber is god.

Great post my friend!

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Thank you! Took me straight 6 hours to get this one out.

You remind me of me when I first started ... :) Very well done!
And, the work you do - is evident!

Haha! I am so glad. As long as I enjoy it. :)

Thanks for your ongoing support.

I have not played any games yet but oh my look at the list. So many!

You are lucky. Playing them means investment of hours. But hey, there are also good returns. Do try 1-2 soon.

😊 Thanks for the suggestion, have a great day Sid!

  ·  last month (edited)

Dominuuis is interesting!
I haven't seen it before

Yeah! Surprised no one was talking about it.

Down at the button on the webpage it says you cant talk about it :p

Haha! Not sure how did I miss it.

Cool roundup! And yeah, tons of potential here! Been playing Splinterlands for almost 2 years and looking back it's amazing how the game evolved. And recently, playing Dcity... and loving it!

Two years! Wow. You must be a veteran. I am barely scratching the surface here.

Glad to see you enjoy dCity as well. Looks like a gem to me! (Love the daily income)

My favorite one is dcity :D

What a joy collecting daily income, isn't it? Who knew, as adults, we would be running our own city. :D

Splinterlands is really ok, but the other games are more bad than right. Reminds me of games I played over 10 years ago. Absolutely not showy.

You are right. Hence I mentioned some of these games are in alpha. A killer product will appear with time.

Damn. Glad to see you are slaying these days! Thanks for showing me all these new games too, I didn’t know half of them.

Haha! Slaying is our only option. So glad to see you again.

If you have a chance come check out Hive Cross Culture. Trying to build a community where people can talk about culture shock, subcultures, and learning languages etc

I do. Thank you! Just subscribed.

Thanks for the review Sid, I'm checking out the games you mentioned now. What a perfect synergy - getting paid to game or earning while gaming. It's the future of industry as well as the blockchain. I have an account on HolyBread and spent some hours leveling up. I'm keen on dcity now and about to check out the others today. Much appreciated. So many games, so little time.

I am glad, Julian. Definitely try dCity. Only takes 4 Hive to get started and you will see a tiny (really tiny) income.

So many games, so little time.

Absolutely. In fact, I am new to Holybread. Exploring all these games took me more time as well. The learning curve is both an advantage and a disadvantage when we lack time.

I see some of these games as an investment. Good times here.

Thanks Sid, I have spent 4 Hive now and actually have about 11 citizens, and a homeless and refugee lol. I'm still trying to work out what to do with them. For example how to I acquire Swaphive token that everyone is asking for in their trades there? Hive engine internal market does not seem to offer it as a trade for Hive tokens. I will need to climb that learning curve.


Good content over here.

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I am glad you liked it. Thank you!

Not so fanatic with fantasy and cartoonic mmini games... although if it makes you to invest and earn not to just spending wasting money then this is a good game to play. As I'am looking for MMORPG games like ran-online (I wish they will move to decentralized gaming project)

Hopefully to try some of this games.

Good point. These games are still in their infancy stage. More room for growth though.

Gaming on the blockchain is no doubt a future that we're moving towards, and the great ones here on Hive are a great example of what it can do. Everything from making games more transparent, to creating it to be more tamper-proof is absolutely amazing.

We're just getting started with huge projects like Decentraland - where they have a huge community there - to our very own Splinterlands. Great things are to come, and I'll be excited to see some of the bigger publishers and developers start moving games on the chain :-D

Nailed it.

Thank you for mentioning us!

We launch on the 15. not the 5.

Hi, thank you! Fixed as soon as I saw it.

I make typos pretty much as soon as I start typing

piggericks is etherium