Deglobalisation & The Scramble For Allies

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The world we knew is changing, and those who were friends or had uneasy relationships in the past are going to have to decide where they will pledge their allegiance or make reluctant relationships within this new global shake-up. Like it or not countries aren't always the best of friends and they usually only get along when once is brown-nosing the other.

Countries are no different from any reality TV show you've ever watched where a bunch of petty people bicker over superfluous things, however, in this case, those things could be food or jobs, and we all can starve or be out of work depending on their argument.

Before corona, we had a few fisticuffs worth mentioning such as:

China and the US

Before the coronavirus, we saw shots fired primarily between the Chinese and the Americans with the two biggest economies throwing handbags at each other trying come to terms with the fact that neither was going to give in to the others demands.


The Britts turned their nose up at the Europeans advances and said we would no longer be muscled by Brussels, and we're going our own way. Well except for the Irish, they're going their way against the Britts own way.

Russia and Saudis take on Opec

Then we saw the Russians and Saudis collude to drive down oil prices and piss off every oil-producing nation on the planet.

Wartime ways

We also saw wars in the middle east, north Africa, in Asia with Kasmir, around Ukraine with so many small factions trying to make some sort of strong-arm play for whatever reason and we as the world tolerate it, or instead the Americans have not gone in and beat their brand "freedom" into them.


Global lockdown

We were all being a bit naughty, let's be honest, and corona came and put us all in time out to rethink what we are going to do and how we behave towards one another. Instead of coming out and saying sorry, we learned the error of our ways; we look to be doubling down on our worst ways.

China walk away

The call for deglobalisation is here, and every country seems to be on the bandwagon for now. China benefited hugely of being the world's factory but now that they will be blamed for the lockdown and consequences thereof (even though they two will suffer from it heavily) countries are breaking ties with China in fear of contracting coodies on the global playground.

Bringing jobs home

Globalisation isn't a bad thing, we just took it to the max and instead of having part of it done at home and part of it done aboard to mitigate cost and risk, we went full cost and said make it cheaper in China. We've now learned that was a mistake, but instead of finding a healthy balance most countries are going to bring jobs home, this isn't a bad thing, it's just not the most economically efficient way to use capital, but hey when have we ever been good with money.

The world police

The Americans have always been the biggest bully on the playground if someone steps out of line, you best believe they're taking your lunch money, and while the rest of the world doesn't always agree with their methods, we accept it, or we'll get hit in the face.

Yes the US has abused their military power, but they've also been the world police for so long, happy to jump into any fight in any part of the world.

If they retreat to protecting only themselves and their North American friends, this leaves the rest of the world wide open for other nations to flex their muscles.

You got the likes of France and Japan who are pretty well stocked, and I think they're going to offer their protection racket to other countries in favour of deals the Americans will walk away from to bring jobs home.

New alliances will be formed

In the wake of all these changes, we will probably see new countries getting cosy with one another as they try to protect their interests and reduce reliance on China. This may rob China of significant growth, but it allows other countries to share in what has made China the super power it became.

  • It may give countries like India extra incentive to leverage their massive population the way the Chinese did and offer up their service to the world.

  • It may see the Britts, go running to North America and keep Europe at arm's length.

  • It may see Western Europe start to accept they need to get cosier with the East.

  • It may see more cheap labour that was in China move to Africa and bring it out of poverty as labour arbitrage changes hands and markets.

We can't be certain what's going to happen, all I know is all countries are now single and ready to mingle, so who will be swiping right on who over the next few months is going to decide the way the world moves forward.

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When i see world powers play politics it pains me cause as one African proverb goes..."when two elephants fight it's the grass that suffer it". China and U.S will always display their trade power over and always play it to their gallery. While North Korea and Russia will always display their Nuclear power like it's a science project exhibitions class. Britain wants to remind the world of it's relevance. It's good to some extent as every country will perhaps know what she has and what it stands for. But to peary of others who are in one way or the other affected by this show. Just that in all i hope we remember why we are human and not loose our value of being human. Thanks for this post...hope to connect with more of this post. Greetings from a newbie☺

I agree with you, we're so focused on this random lines we draw in the sad and nationalism has been weaponised in more ways than one, I think that's why I like BTC, its not about borders or trying to profit off of each others misery but the more one benefits the more everyone benefits.

I like that proverb too, welcome to HIVE. I hope to see you around here more often


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Single and ready to mingle seems to be the right word to describe the state of nations with regards to the current economic situation. china looks slightly well placed and continues to spread its power globally.
I see them dominating Africa economy-wise, it will only be better if nations start being over rely on other nations especially Africa.
US stills holds power but how long will it continue to be world power? we will see in the years ahead.

Totally China has a stranglehold on Africa with their debt they hold and its dollar-denominated debt so African countries that are overleveraged will basically be owned by China. I do still think that this change will give other Asian countries the chance to stand up to China and if the dollar loses world reserve currency status China will lose a lot of power since they've hedged their entire economy on their artificial peg with the US. Prices will normalise and you'll see China isn't "cheaper"

To be honest, I don't see the US caring much about the rest of the world in the near future and they're going to focus inward and with their, NAFTA peeps instead.

We're in for some interesting times. African countries need to start to get their shit together and trading inward and not outward then we can start keeping wealth here and start to charge a premium for any other nations wanting what we have, but no we plunder our own states for short term profits for individuals

African countries need to start to get their shit together and trading inward and not outward

We certainly need to sort out our shit here, Africa have been fooling around for too long not utilizing its riches.

Lol so true, we should all be living in Wakanda already if we didn't piss away all our gold, copper, diamonds, oil and the rest. Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco are the top 5 and none of them have been able to crack it on the world stage yet

a lot of wrong things happening. i just read something about NATO and china seems to be fronting this movement. the price of oil going down was the most shocking thing i saw this year...

If you ever wondered why there's so many power plays an interventions it's because, without them, reality would set in and that's something governments and the powers that be do not want


Glad to be one of your articles for the day, I find my rants are great with a cup of coffee

Regardless of situation, many of us still enjoy the cheap products available in China but the global situation may change. Hopefully, we can see better economic growth once Covid-19 can get a cure but it may take months before anything like this happens. Good post!


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