The World We As We Know It Is At An End

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For years we've been screaming for change, we need change, we want change, we should change, and the only change we got was the spare change called our salaries as it inflates away into nothing. If you checked out my post yesterday, you'd see I spoke about how countries are going to change their relationships with one another.

Each countries motivations will be different, and we're going to look into the way the world is going to change over the next decade.

The Era of more is no more

Since the discovery of new continents and the invention of agriculture we've been on a trajectory of more, we could always produce more products and services and more people, it was just growth, growth, growth.

It's been so long that we feel this is the norm but eventually what goes up, must come down and as we peak out in population dynamics, the rest has to follow.

Eight billion people is a lot of mouths to feed, they all have hopes dreams and aspirations, but the planet itself only has so much to give,. When you factor in a system where a few hoard the majority of the wealth, you're going to get scarcity that forces people into certain situations.

Unfortunately, the era of more is at an end; we're going to have to all learn to get by on less as we move into a global depression. It's going to last a long time, who knows when we'll get out of it but it's not the only change we will have to deal with in the era of less.


Climate change

We can debate the human influence on climate change, but that to me is irrelevant, the weather is always going to change, its been doing so for the last million years and it's not going to stop for us. The previous humans knew that you had to be nomadic and move as conditions change, but for the modern human we set up roots somewhere, created cities and invested in ways to harness conditions to grow food and sustain these cities.

Like it or not, certain cities are in the shit, their climates are going to change making it less favourable for food production, they will either need to import more which means they need to produce more other stuff to trade to make up the deficient or people need to move on to other parts of the world.

Likewise, other parts of the world will become more favourable for agriculture; they will grow more or even grow a wider range or even grow for longer periods of the year, bringing them more income and with that a wealthy transfer that brings with it, more people.

Climate change can and will drive a global great trek for food.

Deglobalisation & Geopolitics

As I touched on in my previous post, each country is going to look inward and to themselves to see if they can become independent in as many sectors as possible. The industry that they can't they'll now have to pick strategic partners as various relationships mean you will have to choose sides.

This isn't going to be a coming together kumbaya moment; you're going to have to pick the best cards in your hand and play them.

Demographic collapse

Large parts of the developed world were built on the backs of boomers, Europe, North America, Australia and China who are all global powerhouses. Unfortunately, the boomers are getting older and less productive, they had fewer kids and in some cases, the one-child policy.

This means they are going to have a smaller workforce going forward to support the rest of the economy and retired or non-working population.

This will also see mass immigration into these countries to try and supplement growth and see various cultural changes around the world like we see in Europe with the vast middle east population moving in to improve demographics.

Economic collapse

I think its safe to say we're going into an economic collapse and this will change for everyone. Some countries may opt to go bust; others will let their banks go bust as they switch to a non-debt based CBDC, some countries will particularly back their currency to gold, others may do it with BTC, some may launch their crypto.

Each option comes with its pros and cons, and citizens will make decisions to stay or go based on the monetary policy they like best.

Boomer retirement

As I mentioned earlier boomers would be retiring and unfortunately dying, in the process, there will be a massive transfer of wealth as homes get sold, pensions get liquidated, and inheritance moves down generations.

This is going to see wealth move to millennials and gen Z in larger economies, and their buying behaviour will shape a lot of how future investment and purchases are made and where the world moves economically.

Possible wars

As the Americans think more at home, as civil unrest escalates around the world and as I know humans, we're going to pick a fight or two. No one is going to accept living on less if they can steal more from someone else and that logic is going to turn into tension and most likely war.

If the American's aren't going to get involved, I'm pretty sure opportunistic countries are going to take their chances to try and gain ground and resources. I'd even go as far as to say shortly some countries may no longer exist.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? What do you feel will be the most significant change in the new world?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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It is going to get very volatile and while I think there will be a move of money, most of the millennials will liquidate anything thet inherit, rather than build upon it. That will transfer it to the new economies and those who are able to patiently build within them.

Oh it’s going to be anybodies play now while central banks will try to put a lid on it theres just too many cracks to seal! I agree millennials will spend it into the economy and it will then settle in new strong hands, hopefully more hands this time around instead of a few

Going to be a decade of real change

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Real change and a lot of crazy! More hands holding will at least bring some balance and lower the gaps that cause so much conflict.


Change as some say is inevitable.

It is indeed the only constant I think that we like to create ideas of stability so we don’t have to face change and when it happens it comes as a shock to us

What is climate change? Hotter or colder? Sea level rising or falling?

I'm not saying oh in a few years the ozone opens up and we all burn I'm saying the slight changes even by 1 degree affects the economic output of a certain country. Let's say Egypt gets 1 degree hotter, they produce less food a lot of Egyptians will need to move to places that can sustain them.

I'm not all concerned with sea levels rising and all that, those things have been in flux for millennia, what I'm saying is climates always change, we the ones that refuse to change and think we need to change climate.

As for pollutants, that's an entirely different story, a lot of which is unnecessary

Very few people seem to be willing to state whether they are saying global averages are rising or dropping.

Here in nz glaciers are growing, sea levels are dropping, and it's colder than it was 40 plus years ago.

Exactly the world isn't one set function its dynamic and as one region changes the other does so to compensate. Not saying its an excuse to fuck up the planet but there's more too this than the climate change activists want us to believe

The sea level aspect is a killer though - we all share that, and rising sea levels mean the planet as a whole is cooling. NZ is not a good place to see that because we go up every time there is an earthquake, so in Wellington it looks like sea levels have dropped about 2m in the past 200 years because of the huge earthquake in 1860, but photos taken on the Australian coast are very revealing.

great stuff... these days in the U.S. it's all just "another day, another racist", pathetic

I think that’s because we focus so much in the moment that we never take the time to look up where We’re going and why we need fundamental shifts to get us to do anything

Climate change is the real deal. Which will screw up all, rich or poor. People should have thought of that. Rich. Or poor.

I read a report that increased temperatures would be bad for Europe and make them poorer but great for Africa, that as the temperatures rise there will be a fundamental shift in world power and migration.

Could we all do with not destroying the planet with pollution, poaching and deforestation, sure! Unfortunately, humans have not been able to develop an equilibrium with their surroundings the way other life forms have and well either we become more sustainable in our practices or the world will do it for us

You know, I have a strong feeling that the Planet will be fine. People will be the ones who will suffer the most. If all people would die tomorrow, Planet would thrive and climate would return to its natural state of harmony.

I would tend to agree with you on that point, I think the earth has been extremely accommodating to our bullshit, and eventually, it will restore itself regardless. Perhaps we're meant to leave this planet and spread ourselves over more planets instead of overpopulation on one

Oh I wish I would live long enough to see other planets😍😍

Me too, gosh it would be a dream of mine, id happily go to Mars

Hihihi same here

This is hella foreboding and not everyone is prepared. It seems like the people are ready for a different kind of change with all the riots in the streets. This massive accumulation of wealth over the ages will be tested that can be assured. I hope the warfare will just continue to become more alien and digital.

I would say 99% of people are not prepared or don't even realise what change is on the way, they focus in the now. I think the social unrest will continue but will eventually die down these movements only have an agenda they don't have a solution they want to push.

I think warfare will be digital in the forms of money, cyber attacks and cybercrime but all of that eventually escalates into the streets

The end is near..

Russia gas started producing or should I say investing on gold production and as a matter of fact they have removed the 30% VAT on the importation of gold ...
China is on another side trying to claim world power.

I just pray w can find a way to prevent this global depression that is iminent.

Those are pretty interesting observations I don’t think Russia knows they understand a demographic crisis and their losing power and they need to do something to sure up their economy

There’s no way to avoid it, in fact avoiding it only makes things worse you just delay taking the medicine! Take it, feel the pain, get stronger and move on

Well, countries were disappearing before that, they are disappearing now...just less noise about it. Too noisy to hear anything new, no? Like what happened to all those people sailing to Europe on rafts across the Mediterranean? Are they on hold? Are they suspended out of Time?

I wonder where would that generation taxonomy apply and where it would not be relevant. I mean geographically. Are people from poor regions boomers, too, if they lived in that age? Ok, that's not a serious question, obviously. We know where fashion was decided.

I wonder where fashion will be decided next. People in a good position would not easily relinquish such a position. And that's always going on behind some curtain.

Like i said in previous Post...there will come a time when every country has to show what she's bringing to the table of negotiation or risk being use as baite by other global powerhouse. In all what i feel is no matter how the world changes the inhabitants won't be left out, the adaptation will still be there.

I'm pretty sure plenty of people will be left behind and be on the wrong side of this trade, it the unfortunate nature of the system, it will be better distribution overall, but a lot of people who have been living on the fingers or overleveraged may never recover

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