Pay It Forward Curation Contest (PIFC) - Week 92

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Week 92 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

Two authors whose posts I enjoyed this week and would like to highlight are @evegrace, who posted her blog in the SteemLeo Tribe, and @russellstockley, who posted his blog in the CTPTalk Tribe.

Post 1
The author is @evegrace, with a rep of 61. At the time of my choosing to highlight her post, she had accumulated 22 votes, 3 comments, and $0.56 Steem. After reading her post, 4 Months Ago I Used the "" Interface // Investing 5 Steem is better than Never, I was inspired by her commitment to SteemLeo. She admits that she's never been business-minded before she joined Steem. However, SteemLeo changed that for her. She states it has been four months since she last visited SteemLeo, and when she returned, was impressed with its front-end developments.

I like individuals who don't make excuses for not elevating themselves in whatever way they can. And @evegrace does just that. By returning to SteemLeo to find ways to invest to acquire different tokens, she's taking action. She has set some goals to fund her proposed project, and has developed a plan to see it come to fruition. The image below is for one of her investments.

Image Source on Owner's Post

@evegrace is doing it the right way. She's watching and learning from other project owners on how to get their projects up and running. But, what I didn't read that I thought would be extremely helpful was her reaching out to some of those project owners and asking for guidance. The individuals on Steemit are awesome in helping others.

In @evegrace's post, 4 Months Ago I Used the "" Interface // Investing 5 Steem is better than Never, she tells of her proposed project, @Blesstheorphans. How awesome is that! Please stop by and read @evegrace's post to find out more about her proposed project and either support her in her quest and/or wish her well on her desire to help others.

Post 2
The author is @russellstockley, with a rep of 54. At the time of my choosing to highlight his post, he had accumulated 20 votes, 2 comments, and $0.08 Steem. In @russellstockley's post, Short and Sweet #10 - Inner Circles and Beyond, he explains, after reading @jongolson's post, how venturing out and locating other Tribes and outlets can help your affiliate marketing efforts. @russellstockley is a member of Click Track Profit and the CTPTalk Tribe, just as I am.

We both see members promoting affiliate marketing and CTP within both CTP and the CTP Tribe. As a business owner, he explains why it's neccesary for you to expand your viewer base so you can get "new" eyes to view and consider your promotions. The same is true for your content you post on Steemit that you wish others to see and engage with you.

He also posts a series, "Fresh Results Day in and Day Out", in which he gives other tips on affiliate marketing and Click Track Profit.

Image Source on Owner's Post

I ventured out from the CTPTalk Tribe a few months after I joined Steem and found other Tribes that offered an outlet for my fiction writing. Thus, I met new people and started engaging with them. In his post, @russellstockley presents his personal experience on why he needed to expand his user base for his business.

I recommend you stop by and view @russellstockley's post, Short and Sweet #10 - Inner Circles and Beyond.



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.

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