500 FREE SPS TOKENS JUST FOR ENTERING! First Goalscorer + Correct Score Comp. No 193 : EPL Crystal Palace v Newcastle : 27 Nov 2020 - 8000 + 5000 SPS Tokens

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Ho ho ho. Santa has come early for someone after last nights 2-2 draw between Rangers and Benfica was correctly predicted by one of our team and I'm chuffed to bits that we can give away a decent wad today. Thanks to @korver for also joining the game. Full details of the winners at the end but for now, we're back to Premier League action tonight and the game between....


@nathen007 's Prediction

It's a very strange season so far with very little consistent form amongst any of the teams. This is a rather uninspiring clash on a cold Friday night between two teams with very mixed results so far but I'd have to go for a Palace win as they do have the ability to score goals and their defensive record is ever so slightly better than the Toons.
Newcastle also have the worst shots and shots on target figures in the whole league and their keepers league-best 41 saves is perhaps making their defensive ability look rather better than it actually is. Home advantage, slight as it may be will also help them out but I think it will be a fairly close game. 1-0 home win to Palace who are missing Zaha. Eze to score the only goal of the game.

I look forward to seeing your thoughts!

Simply write the name of the FIRST GOALSCORER and the CORRECT SCORE as a comment. Competition closes 5 minutes before kick-off of which is 20.00 GMT.

The Small Print
In the first goalscorer competition, own goals do not count. In the correct score competition, it's the score after 90mins. Extra time and penalties do not count and the pot for each competition will roll-over if there is no winner. If more than one person chooses the same first goalscorer or correct score, the prize is shared and everyone gets a little upvote! It seems I also need to add, one entry per person. Don't forget the new rule that only people with a rep of 45 or above are eligible to enter unless they have been approved. The bonus will be added to any winnings ONLY if Leeds United win and/or Man U lose and all payouts will never exceed 50% of post payout. Other bonuses paid out at my discretion.

And the winners were.....

Captain @metzli hits the correct score and and I'm made up for her. I just knew as soon as I saw her prediction she was onto a winner! Well done and she takes home 11500 + her 600 appearance fee. No one got the first goalscorer so the pot goes up. We now have 8000 for first goalscorer and the base 5000 for correct score, still lots to play for!
@korver , @lebey1 , @bitandi and @friendlymoose all go home with their 500 token appearance fee!
Proof of Transaction is below


That's it for today! Get your predictions in, good luck and thanks for playing along :-)

Marching On Together


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0-1 Callum Wilson

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Almost the full score....almost!
But a win is a win!

Thanks for organising this contest @nathen007

You're welcome mate! Its all just a bit of fun to create some engagement and get people talking. Thanks for joining in.


My apple watch gives me soccer updates now. It's hilarious.


3 - 1

Hahaha excellent!! I imagine you being awoken to the score update from a football match in England on a freezing cold November night!
Good luck today!

Close, except it is always sunny here in san diego.

Ah ha! I'll try my hand here!

Eberichi Eze...
2-0 win for Crystal Palace

Welcome my friend and good luck :-)

Thanks for the mention! Exciting indeed.

Mitchy Batshuayi 2-1 win for Crystal Palace.


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Jordan ayeww to score first

Crystal Palace to win 2-1

2-1 in favour of Crystal Palace