Meet Okemiri Ogbonna, Nigerian Defender Who Plays With One Eye

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Okemmiri Ogbonnaya is currently being celebrated on social media for his stellar performances despite his disability. He has proven that there's ability in disability

Ogbonnaya is a retired Nigerian defender who played left-back position. He was not only a footballer but he also played sand football for Sand Eagles

He was born on the 13th of June, 1986 and he's one of the greatest players in the Nigerian Premier League. He played for Enyimba and won two CAF with Enyimba before he finally retired

Despite having just one functioning eye, he was still able to give stellar performances consistently as a one eyed defender which has currently earned him social media remembrance


Ogbonna was unarguably among one of the greatest Enyimba squad of all time. The only painful thing about his career was that, despite him being a very good defender he didn't make it to the National team

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But the ones in national are not celebrated, That's grace for Ogbonnaya!!